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  1. The fact is he hasn't shown the form when called upon here, to justify selection. I can't recall seeing him playing for Burnley (although of course he did), so I can't comment on his form at that time.
  2. I have mixed feelings regarding Carlos staying for another season. The most important issue for me is to ensure that we clear out all of the dead wood, including those who still have time left on their contract. The likes of McGugan, Dielna, Melo etc etc. That way we can see the wood for the trees and decide which positions we need to strengthen. The contributors on here have made suggestions as to which positions they are and to be fair they are all pretty obvious. Principally centre back, midfield and wide midfield players, possible full backs. But the key is that we reduce the size of the squad and consolidate so that the first eleven is stronger and the squad is more designed to play a more attacking style, rather than the "contain and occasionally break" style that was so painful to watch in the season just ended. Some people have suggested that Carlos' favourite formation is actually 4-3-3 and that he may revert to that. Maybe it's possible with changes to the squad. Maybe one out and out winger along with two recognised strikers might be a slightly amended way of using that system successfully. Time will of course tell what system he will use and how the recruitment and "clear out" goes through the summer.
  3. Jones is only a squad player and in particular he is blatantly one footed, - even more so than Wallace and Bannan. Ok to help maintain a lead in the last 15 minutes but given all other players being fit, I wouldn't see him in the first eleven.
  4. If the coaches can work on his first touch and his distribution, he may still have something that may be useful in overall squad terms. Pace is so rare and on the counter attack he could be devastating. I think a couple of the goals he scored last season were on the counter and he finished brilliantly. Granted he's also missed a few, but I don't think it's too late for him to flower. Some players are late developers. If he works hard enough and listens to the coaches, maybe - ... just maybe we still have a gem on our hands.
  5. Yes I agree with that idea - and maybe it goes along with the 4-3-3 formation that someone on here said was Carlos' favourite formation, before he changed it to 4-4-2
  6. But we could still play wingers on their correct side and ask them to tuck in when we aren't i possession. That would then still give us the option of getting to the byline and pulling back the crosses. I'm certain Rhodes, Winnall, Fletcher and Hooper would score more goals with those tactics.
  7. I think that there is one thing that is really fundamental to our failure to achieve promotion and that is playing wingers on their "wrong" side. In other words, Wallace playing on the right when he is so blatantly left footed and even Forestieri when he plays wide left, always comes inside on to his right foot (or 90% of the time he does, anyway). This method of play narrows the options for the next pass and enables the defending side to close down the play. If we played with wingers on their "correct" side, the option of getting to the by-line and pulling a cross back for on-rushing forwards / midfield players is much more difficult to defend against, as the opposition defenders are frequently facing their own goal. As a result, even if the cross doesn't reach a Wednesday player, there is still a possibility of an own goal or at least a corner. If the cross is quality and reaches a Wednesday player, there's a great chance for an effort on goal. The above might be an over-simplification, but I do think that it has been a very negative feature of our play for two seasons now and we could be so much more dangerous, playing wingers / wide players on their "correct" side of the field. There are of course other factors, including failure to sign an additional centre back, but with a clear out of about eight players who have not featured in the squad on a regular basis, there is real potential to get things right next season. It just needs some sensible clear thinking and planning - whether the person who does that is Carlos or somebody else, remains to be seen.
  8. Absolutely spot on Ronnie. This season's tactics have been poor and on many occasions we escaped with a result that the performance didn't deserve. In my view the continued playing of wingers on the "wrong" side of the pitch and the otherwise defensive approach have been the major problems. Rhodes, Winnall, Hooper and Fletcher would all have made much bigger contributions in terms of goals if they had been given proper service, instead of feeding on scraps for most of the season. Those players who haven't featured need to be shipped out so that the available budget can be concentrated on bringing in the few players of quality that will make the difference. That along with more aggressive attacking tactics would be more likely to give us a chance of automatic promotion next season.
  9. The bottom line is that we weren't good enough. The squad needs consolidating by getting rid of those who haven't featured (we all know who they are). This would leave sufficient budget available for a few (probably 4 or 5) key signings, in the positions we all know need to be strengthened. For me the Huddersfield games in the play-offs were a microcosm of the entire season. We flattered to deceive and over the two games, even though Huddersfield, over the season struggled to score, they looked far more creative and aggressive in midfield, knew how to stifle our game and albeit it ended up being the penalty lottery, I thought they looked stronger and fresher throughout most of the extra time period. Of course with typical German efficiency, they won the shoot out. If Carlos stays, he needs to come up with a plan A and a Plan B (one that doesn't involve a last resort substitution of Big Dave)! Proper wingers playing on the correct side so they can cross from the by-line, a box to box midfielder in the Carlton Palmer mould and proper service for whoever plays in the front two.
  10. It's the manner of the defeat that really hurts. Huddersfield looked far fitter and closed us down when we tried to play out from the back. In extra time until literally the last few minutes they still looked fresh and had plenty of running in their legs. That Van Parra (or whatever his name is), looked good as did Brown. Both had much more energy and skill than most of our team. Others have said elsewhere that they looked like a team and we looked like a bunch of individuals. That's a decent summary to me. We need to clear out the dead wood so we can afford a few quality players to fill in our obvious weaknesses (centre back, full, backs and a real quality box to box midfielder who can dictate the game). Also play with proper wingers and not players who constantly cut inside because they are playing on the wrong side of the pitch - all it does is cut down the options as to the next pass. If Carlos is unwilling to change this key aspect of tactics, then I really feel he needs to go.
  11. Absolutely, needs to get it shaved off and be honest - he's bald!
  12. As someone said on another thread - It's the year of the birds.... Magpies and Seagulls automatic and Owls via Play-offs....... (we hope)......
  13. Hey Snooty - who is the beautiful lady with the red hair???
  14. We need a goal in the first half when we're kicking towards Leppings Lane. Or if they win the throw and kick that way first half, we need to stop them scoring in the first half and then get one early in the second half ourselves. I know that all sounds a bit gobbledegook but apparently there is a statistic that says the team who score first at the Lepp end very rarely lose. No doubt someone on here .............
  15. I thought Jones was poor today and received an unnecessary booking, that had he made a little more effort to get goal side of the Huddersfield player, he could quite easily have avoided. He's had a few reasonable games, but by and large I don't think he adds anything to our midfield. I accept that today with Hutchinson not fit, he had to be on the bench, but probably Semedo could have done just as good a job. The options we have up front have been invaluable, although I hope Hooper is fit for the 2nd leg or if not, the final, should we make it. Also agree that McManaman should have been used more frequently as he does seem to offer something, as a wide player, especially when Wallace is tiring late in a game.