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  1. I know nothing about Mulgrew - but just watched highlights of Newcastle V Blackburn last season and although he scored in that game, defensively he looked off the pace. Definitely in that game at least - didn't look as good as Sasso - who presumably we could have offered a new contract. Presumably we are looking for better. Admittedly based on 3 minutes highlights, so not necessarily a true reflection, but he doesn't look like an improvement to me.
  2. Tell you what Owlsman - I wouldn't climb over her to get to thee lad!
  3. Definitely the priority needs to be two centre backs. as for the forwards, I really don't see what Nuhiu brings to the squad and for the sake of getting rid of another wage, I'd sell if possible, or simply tell him he's free to find another club. Not sure what the financial implications of that would be as I neither know what he's paid, nor the length remaining on his contract, but I can't imagine it would be too serious.
  4. I always thought he looked very comfortable on the ball when he played and never really got the number and frequency of games he should have, for a player with his talent. ..... and yes definitely one of the best ever names to play for the blue and white wizards!!
  5. These discussions highlight our desperate need for at least one and possibly two centre halves. The debate about the left back is interesting and frankly I'm not sure of the best selection for this position. In competitive matches I haven't been impressed by Fox, Pudil has been inconsistent and Reach is not the best defensively. It may be that Carlos will select depending on the potential threat of the opposition down that side.
  6. Absolutely correct. I used to live nearby in Ravenshead back then. Plenty of local pubs served a tasty pint of Mansfield in those days.
  7. Mansfield Brewery was taken over by Wolverhampton & Dudley Breweries in 1999 and is now part of Marstons. Unfortunately the beer taste altered when they moved production to the West Midlands and it's not as good as it used to be. It was a lovely pint in the days of being brewed locally.
  8. When Joao played in that season we counter attacked a few times successfully using his pace. If only he was more consistent and a better finisher, he would be an ideal second half substitute as teams are tiring. I still think with the right coaching and a positive attitude he could be an asset.
  9. I thought Huddersfield looked fitter and at times more able to create opportunities. I thought we missed a trick playing defensively in the first leg and were carrying players who weren't fully fit in the second leg. Add the injury to Wallace and it reduced our effectiveness even with CC's relatively defensive set up. Overall a disappointing semi-final and one which we could have done so much better, but we go again in 4 weeks time.
  10. If he establishes himself in the team it will be like a new signing and could make a significant difference.
  11. Definitely Ron Springett was the best I've ever seen. A world class keeper who was very unlucky that Gordon Banks was favoured by Sir Alf Ramsey in 1966.
  12. The world has indeed gone mad - I've been away for a week and just seen that Harry Maguire has gone to Leicester for £17 million. Unbelievable! He's slower to turn than an oil tanker!
  13. Me an' all!
  14. Very poor positioning from Hart - left himself far too much space at the "wall side" on both free kicks. If he'd stood more centrally, he could have saved both of them. Yes they were quality free kicks, but Hart will now be under pressure from the two other 'keepers in the squad.
  15. Looks a good formation with a creative central 3 in midfield and probably our best combination of strikers up front. My only concern with that formation is if a team is vulnerable to a ball "over the top" along the wings. As with all formations though it depends on players being flexible enough to cover as and when defensive situations arise. It does put a lot of responsibility on the two wing-backs though.