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  1. I reckon a set of professional sports athletes might just about be fit enough.
  2. We can do this
  3. 1-0 to me.
  4. Sky has bumped our game down to sky sports 3. Behind Blackpool on 2
  5. Al habsi 1-0 Fulham
  6. Reading v Huddersfield would be a boring final.
  7. Certain media pundits might have to take notice of the other teams in the playoffs now.
  8. They pinched semedo song now
  9. Is that a white flag your waving?
  10. Headlines tomorrow. Al Habsi 1- Fulham -0
  11. So reading in the final then.
  12. What a miss.
  13. Poop emoji guy.
  14. Tap ins and headers don't count
  15. Owlstalk sorted the lack of mainstream media coverage. And adds trolling the daily mail to its list.