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  1. If you follow Seth on twitter he will give away 10 signed copies of the CD if he hits 50K followers.
  2. I think he will rain money to avoid us dropping again
  3. Bringing this up is "divisive"
  4. Huddersfield in play offs though.. No one saw that coming at start of the season.
  5. Not the sharpest of sharp objects is he?
  6. His beard does look like a pug though doesn't it.
  7. She's tapping "help" in Morse code on the glass.
  8. They knew about Brian's missus cooking
  9. Such sad news R.I.P. wolfmanjack.
  10. The best way to watch motd is record it. Fast forward to the football highlights only. Past the waffle of host and commentators and their slo mo replays and constant moaning.. Just watch the 10 minutes of footy. Or you have to listen to like is shearer. Who's only achievement in football management was to be miserable and relegate his home town club. And now his job is to depress the viewers of motd. Actually it's probably better to not watch it get the highlights from elsewhere.
  11. Yeah but if dicanio did that in the picture there would be outrage
  12. You can tell which people forgot to save their progress after several hours play, then turned off comp or had a power cut and never went back on the game again In This thread.