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  1. Carlos haters

    Carlos keeps consistently stubbing out his critics and the fans slap them down at the games. Keep up the good work Carlos.
  2. Carlos haters

    If that pic is anything to go by, Your wife looks like tango...
  3. Carlos haters

    Yeah but...Do you do a turn tho ?
  4. Carlos haters

    I like the way Carlos keeps stubbing his doubters out.
  5. Carlos haters

    The CC that masterminded today's win and is undefeated in 4.
  6. Carlos haters

    Look how upset people are that we won. They just wanted to spend the week moaning bless.
  7. Good interview

    We're going up.
  8. Official Football Heaven Thread 17-18

    Good interview with carlos.
  9. Carlos haters

    We're going up.
  10. Why are OT's most knowledgeable fans viewed as...

    Once the ifollower has exhausted the talk about vpn's that's when the trouble will start. And they will always have an excuse why they don't attend the game.
  11. Why are OT's most knowledgeable fans viewed as...

    Ifollwers will make the people that go on twitter and slate players ,manager look sane.
  12. Why are OT's most knowledgeable fans viewed as...

    Prepare yourselves. There is a whole new breed of annoying fan about to explode onto the scene. I shall call them the...... IFOLLOWERS These are going to make the live on TV game moaners look like a small gang.
  13. Get Carlos out of this club

    I'm experienced on FIFA and the odd kick about on garden. I should be in charge..
  14. Fessi swap deal?

    That's pretty much worse thing to happen. I would boo stuff daily if it did.
  15. ACTIV8 Promotion!

    Click B8