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  1. Yeah but if dicanio did that in the picture there would be outrage
  2. You can tell which people forgot to save their progress after several hours play, then turned off comp or had a power cut and never went back on the game again In This thread.
  3. Doesn't matter to Kosovo. They got a player with better stats than messi.
  4. 100% international scoring record. Well done nuihu.
  5. Live stream brought to you by Wednesday player. "We are currently experiencing technical difficulties"
  6. We invented them for a laugh
  7. You just said they include delivery costs? That's a separate cost to face value. Have to be specific on these things.
  8. I have to add that websites accomodating ticket touting is currently going through a government investigation and the results of that will be released soon. It's going to become a legal minefield. Something owlstalk will be eager to avoid. If they aren't face value it will attract bother.
  9. Don't know costs not looked. If your advertising tickets for sale do it at face value and any separate costs separately or it is seen as touting.
  10. Should be banned for touting if so.
  11. Don't understand this mentality. Mainly because I don't give a flip what other clubs fans think. And those that do seem to be more obsessed about other clubs than they dare admit. And take silly things too seriously.
  12. No 14 been to 3 games. Usually let my feelings known on chairman's son YouTube channel.
  13. It's every away managers team talk. "Get the early first goal and the fans turn on them"