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  1. Back row of the kop - no idea!
  2. Quick quiz - name the cup on the left!
  3. Burnley released both goalkeepers a week later.
  4. Isn't recording the game on your phone/camera etc illegal? Wonder if the TV rights holders (Sky/C5 etc) are happy about him uploading highlights of the game and (potentially) getting paid for it...
  5. Sell him to Barnsley.
  6. They do appear on eBay now and again, you'll probably struggle to get more than 99p for one though.
  7. If you think there's no bad language in the Family Stand/ obviously weren't sat up there yesterday!!! Lost count of the amount of times the referee and Joao had their parentage questioned.
  8. He's not match fit Doesn't even get on the bench Fitness stays below everyone else He's not match fit...
  9. Jealous of what exactly? High cholesterol and the fact that he probably never switches the heating on?
  10. Half Time 'parties' do absolutely nothing for the atmosphere. All they do is irritate people who want a pie/pee. Try doing your non-stop singing in the stands whilst the game is going on?
  11. If Barton is the answer, you've asked the wrong question
  12. On the away video - is that Tango wearing a shirt at 3:54?! Must have been amazing days. I was only 11 at the time.
  13. It would have been a great Rugby League