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  1. He was at the ground today
  2. His Mrs' is from London. i'll try and find out where he's off too
  3. Refreshing sight to see a player wanting to actually play football rather than sit and collect a big wage/Rot in a big clubs reserves..
  4. Middlesbrough 3m 10m minimum. All being well he'll have another 5 years in him!
  5. He's been at the training ground all week with the fitness coach. Looking slim & sharp apparently...
  6. How would you get around the payment issue though?
  7. His dad Tommy (blades legend) is my grandads cousin.
  8. Time to up his development at senior level. sign him up to a long (will have to be lucrative imo) deal & get him out on loan.
  9. Go on hirsty! great performance albeit against lesser opposition. we'll do well to keep hold of him.
  10. Bolton at home
  11. Bossed both semi final legs & had a great season.
  12. Criminally underused in his time here.
  13. Chance of new floodlights & advertising boards. Nothing certain yet. the major jobs are/were planned if promoted
  14. 100 % deserve it over the two legs & I hate to say it. Huddersfield were the team going for it. Negative tactics