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  1. Someone dropped a penny
  2. Commentary box gone up in the crows nest today. sky normally pick a championship game on the last day don't they?
  3. ...And has blonde highlights. Aged 53. its a shame last nights awards weren't for style & attire
  4. I like it but can't see CC dropping Wallace & Reach.
  5. He liked my reply before he deleted it
  6. Played very very well.
  7. Bang on. integral part of our team & has established himself as a very good championship player with goals,energy & work rate. He's a player that could step up if we got promotion
  8. His shirt is hung up & ready. Naturally the fitness player at the club (bleep test champ) he just needs to get that match sharpness. but good to see him get 10/15 mins if we're in a position to do so.
  9. I'd hope so with the money spent.
  10. Parking at Westfield shopping centre then hoping to find a pub around Shepherd's Bush. walkabout....shut O'neils.....shut these were the usual watering holes. anyone been in belushi's before?
  11. That seems decent logic. Can't sell them at 35k a season so put them up to 40k.
  12. Yes & so have many premier league clubs. that wasn't the point I was making though.
  13. Hirsty Sr offering his young un to Arsenal behind the clubs/agents back....
  14. This is correct
  15. I got the impression it was regardless. time will tell I suppose.