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  1. This will go down to the last game of the season.
  2. I heard you the first time i stand by what I said.
  3. Yes but no against the calibre of teams still to come. play like we have so far this season & we'll struggle...
  4. ...and reading...unless we book our ideas up at home we won't pick many points up there
  5. You want to replace Hutchinson in midfield with jones? They do the same job & both sit deep. Hutchinson is far superior at doing it though. You know when Hutchinson is in midfield but jones is like the invisible man. the problems are out wide (LB,LM & RB,RM) & defensive tactics.
  6. Compared to Reach who neshes 50/50's in case it messes his hair up & lacks attacking capabilities
  7. Sorry. 1 start v wolves.
  8. ...done far more than reach in his time here & hasn't started a game
  9. Our squad does match up with the best.... just not out wide & far from it. palmer/hunt/fox/pudil/reach don't compare.
  10. We're missing Lee big time.
  11. Westwood loovens lees Abdi/Lee Hutchinson/Bannan Rhodes/Hopper FF/Winnall SOLID spine. Up there with the best in the league. We urgently need to sort LB/LM & RB/RM (and CB cover) Playing McManaman would be a start. Today really highlighted how poor we are out wide.
  12. Twice. two beauty's! when we beat Leicester 3-1.the season Leicester went down when we beat dem blades 2-1 & tudgay scored THAT goal!
  13. 3 minutes out on sweepstake
  14. I saw it at the game. Regardless if Sir Tango was frantically pointing he was giving it the young lad at the front.