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  1. Fletcher has withdrawn from the Scotland squad because of an injury picked up in the semi final.
  2. How is talking about something that happened 2 weeks ago 'seeing into the future' And I'm the one talking crap
  3. We had finished 5th and played the dog botherers at home first. We would have had a right go at them like we did against Brighton last year and taking a lead to Huddersfield they would never have broken us down. Neither team today had anything about them. Rubbish. Next season will be our year, I've never felt more optimistic.
  4. We beat all the bottom 4 home and away this season.
  5. Its not £700 on The Kop so if it was me (in your position) that's where I'd be heading.
  6. First signing last year was Fletcher on July 1st
  7. Sad to see Semedo go but the guy needs to play some games. Good luck Jose x
  8. No, but you knew that.
  9. That lad Waddle, I seem to remember he was also sh it in the tackle.
  10. Could do worse at RB. Played the position quite a bit now and can certainly cross the ball. Come home Ben10!
  11. Off we go! FL Transfers‏ @FL72Transfers__ Follow More Sheffield Wednesday are going to rival Aston Villa & Derby County for Aiden Flint. #swfc #swfclive #dcfc #dcfcfans #avfc