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  1. I fulli agree. Some right nonsense being spouted on here.
  2. You think it's being done so he can replace Sasso? Seriously?
  3. Sounds as if Hutton was one of Villas better players last season. Not saying I particularly want us to sign him but to say he is shi t is just lazy.
  4. Everyone's panicking about the defence. I think we only conceded more than 2 once all last season.
  5. The national team isn't great but you have to look at individual players. Ours are plenty good enough for the level we're at.
  6. Thats all well and good but he's Scottish. We've decided that this will mean that he is absolutely shi t.
  7. Top class bed wetting. Bravo
  8. I know mate, it's really not difficult is it?
  9. Its a pre season match 2 weeks before the season and everyone will get a game. Next week is when they will start nailing it down esp against Rangers.
  10. Its amazing eh. All these people who know next to f**k all compared to Carlos yet they worry about him. And Bannan who was one of the best players in the league 12 months ago is now written off.
  11. Couldn't disagree more. Just look at the players and their quality we have brought in in the last 2 years.
  12. We don't need a lot of players this time we need the right players. I'd rather we bide our time and bring in the players we want than move onto the next player on the list. It's also worth pointing out that this time last year we had only signed Fletcher and Jake Kean. Calm down ffs
  13. I know, been a right disaster so far
  14. Adrian isn't fit to lace Joe Harts jockstrap