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  1. Some people were just praying that Fulham won today. The knives were been sharpened.
  2. Be some unhappy Owls tonight.
  3. Well said Carlos.
  4. I prefer the notion of having an 'away' kit. Should only have two, home and away.
  5. The frustrations are manifesting themselves more as a reflection on what Sheffield folk are like in general. Beligerent, insular, sensitive, stubborn, mis-trusting and wary. If it's too good to be true it probably is. Consistantly writing off players because they aren't John Sheridan.
  6. Only Owlstalk could take a light-hearted fan video and analyse it to the nth degree.
  7. Awful lot of moaning from people who supposedly don't care. The campaign against DC and CC goes on...
  8. The only ones who are worried are the knockers and nay-sayers who hate our new dawn, who hate Chansiri and Carvahal.... They want a solid, static set-up of local businessman in charge and an ex-player to manage the team so they can manipulate him. They don't want success, they want control over the club, over the fans and to remain absolutely in the 20th century preaching to all those that go by to the virtues of being second best and taking the moral high-ground. They know who they are They should be ashamed.
  9. He has had more than enough oppurtunities this season. Think his current record is 1 in 30 or something.
  10. Maybe hes not that good? For some reason every Wednesday fan thinks a players talent is wasted. Plays on top of the ball too much, no brain.
  11. One of these days some wag is going organise a fictional tribute as a kind of backlash and to expose fans disingenuinity.
  12. One can only imagine the tensions and arguements in the dressing room at half time as a result of such play. #prayfor23
  13. At 53 minutes Jack Hunt's socks were pulled up too much.
  14. I know. Why don't we start a thread the day after winning away from home highlighting one, ONE, passage of play and criticise the club for it. Great.