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  1. A website will always look and navigate bad when it's primary function is to make money.
  2. Not doubting the severity. But I am questioning the relevance.
  3. Fair enough, I was too young then and wasn't at the game. No denying the injury was bad and the legal action that followed speaks for itself. But a club succeeds and fails on more than just one injury to one player - I think the fans fall back on the Hirst injury like some kind of remedy for the failure of the club that followed when it was a much more complicated picture. Amazing player, bad injury, questionable attitude.
  4. Ian Knight was young, no guarantee on his future of potential - I've heard of stories of people saying they heard the break but I imagine time has made those stories whimsical and fanciful. Football was hard back then and we knew less of the virtues of physio and recovery. But I'm getting tired of people bleating about THAT tackle on Hirst. Arsenal were hard and football was different... It was 25 years ago.
  5. If Hirst made more of an effort in rehabilitation than he did in his boozing we'd have been sitting pretty. Shearer broke his leg twice and was still scoring goals in the Prem into his 37th year.
  6. One of my fave players of the last couple of years. He has done his service and would leave with great memories. But yeah, I'd move him on...especially for some decent dollar.
  7. I don't know much about Ramsdale but I do know that our trainee-to-first team ratio is absolutely woeful. Until we have a glut of young players snapping at the heels of the first team I won't lose much sleep over moves like this.
  8. Unbelieveable.
  9. Looking forward to our 150th year next year.
  10. His farewell wasn't emotional for me. As a player he was dire.
  11. Just thought I'd pick a random post and quote it. Now you tell me that there hasn't been a sustained attack on the club.
  12. How the hell is he only 32 in that photo?
  13. Some people will be gutted about this. You can tell the way they try to joke their way out of it.
  14. Pathetic. Couldn't care less about him.
  15. Thanks for explaining it to me.