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  1. Looking forward to our 150th year next year.
  2. His farewell wasn't emotional for me. As a player he was dire.
  3. Just thought I'd pick a random post and quote it. Now you tell me that there hasn't been a sustained attack on the club.
  4. How the hell is he only 32 in that photo?
  5. Some people will be gutted about this. You can tell the way they try to joke their way out of it.
  6. Pathetic. Couldn't care less about him.
  7. Thanks for explaining it to me.
  8. Wednesday win and people are told not to discuss or celebrate Carlos' fantastic coaching skills. Lose and its all guns blazing. Seems fair.
  9. These meetings may only be lip service, but I'll worry more when the club refuse to give even that. No doubt it will be wasted on crests, stripes and the wrong flavour ketchup though.
  10. Are you being serious?
  11. This thread doesn't make Sheffield Wednesday fans look tin-pot at all.
  12. What has John Sheridan got to do with my opinion of CC and the club? Two totally different issues. Be careful, youll burst a blood vessel such is your comtempt for the club.
  13. Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. Is this what we've resorted to? Wednesday fans don't deserve success.
  14. Some people were just praying that Fulham won today. The knives were been sharpened.
  15. Be some unhappy Owls tonight.