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  1. Or maybe he will improve and break into the first team
  2. We will wear away kit until September then the new kit on the anniversary
  3. The YouTube station is showing live event not started yet so maybe
  4. Where were you watching from Bumhole Lane.
  5. League cup and maybe FA Cup are what he can expect
  6. Reach will only play at left back in an emergency he and F2F will battle of our for the left sided midfield player.Fletcher and Hooper first choice forwards and will be rotated with the others vying for this position,Wallace and Boys will fill the right sided midfield and there's plenty of choice in centre midfield
  7. We need clever players ,which we have
  8. It doesn't need fixing ,we need two Centre Backs and keep any spare cash for January
  9. Me too
  10. Fake tattoos
  11. Not going to happen wing backs are the way forward
  12. He improves us by giving us strength in depth
  13. Me too
  14. Want Barry Bannan according to the Daily Mirror