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  1. Liquid football!
  2. He wasn't that good, be honest.
  3. Won the league last month
  4. You lot are seriously turning your noses up at John Terry
  5. Perhaps, but he is better than who we already have
  6. We need someone like Lee Cattermole from Sunderland
  7. Wasn't the formation that let him down. Carlos for the most part has played 4-4-2/4-4-1-1 since he arrived.
  8. He will. No need to worry, if we can 'scrape by' and end the season in 4th, we'd shag the league and win it next season
  9. Compared to the previous 15 years the last two seasons have been amazing. Progress being made
  10. For me, Hunt was our most improved player this season. A fully fit Morgan Fox is more than capable at left back, Pudil is knocking on now. Reach needs competition. Combative midfielder I agree with, we either need Hutch to stay fit or find our own Kante. Jota and Brown are pacey, other wings 's I'd look at is Pereira from Forest and Josh Murphy from Norwich
  11. Both eventually returning to their parent club Chelsea. Both players would make a big improvement next season and should be signed at all costs. Along with Jota from Brentford
  12. Took Chris Hughton more than 2 seasons to get Brighton promoted. In Carlos we trust
  13. Would be a lot easier to go into the game the same we did against Brighton at home. Retain the ball, constant pressing. The crowd that night really had a huge effect on Brightons players and pushed ours to the win. A few of Brightons players went down "injured" only to be saved for their home leg.. Huddersfield really have to be on top of their game. We need to make it as loud and as imposing just like Brighton last season.