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  1. Both headers against Newcastle, phwoaaar
  2. Prestige worldwide
  3. Iwelumo's sitter for Scotland, if you haven't seen it yet it'll be on YouTube somewhere. Taaaaaxi!
  4. Keogh, for a centre back is far too soft. Fletcher left him on his arse going up for a header in the first half, Keogh went down appealing for a free kick
  5. Brilliant Now show us them titties
  6. My dad can beat up your dad
  7. Spot on for reporting it, racism has no part anywhere in society. Did anyone call them out on their fuckwittery at the time? Get em told.
  8. Love you Ross Wallace
  9. We won at Loftus Road for the first time in 17 years last monday
  10. You're right. But with him we'd be higher up the table
  11. Harry Hill
  12. Thurgoland
  13. Etienne Esajas
  14. He'll pull one string and injure himself