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  1. Don't understand why everyone is such an expert on him - How do you all know for example, how he performed on the whole last season, when we were all busy watching Wednesday? It sounds from Villa fans, as though he was performing well? As for the age thing - How old is Bruno at Brighton? 36/37? He seemed to okay for a good few years in a promotion winning side.
  2. Palmer had a really good game.
  3. I don't think today was a poor defensive performance. In fact it was a good one! Unfortunate that Westwood made an error when he did, as I think if it wasn't for that we would have seen the result through.
  4. Westwood Lees Lee Bannan Forestieri Fletch Feels good to have such an ever growing spine of absolute dead certs.
  5. 1. Sheffield Wednesday My only, very confident, prediction. Don't care after that.