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  1. Blow the whole pot on a baller of a Cdm and a shiit hot winger. Drop hutch into defence and take up the extra year option on sasso. Job done.
  2. Play a 433 to get the most out of our two best players in FF and Abdi. Sign a proper CDM to allow hutch to play in his best position. Sign a RW with pace. If finances allow upgrade both full backs.
  3. No way is Carlos in sole charge of signings imo, too many just make no sense.
  4. I stand up all match every match with the rest of the back row of the grandstand crew. Lets do this!
  5. There heads would drop big time if we score early Three games now where they've never looked like beating us
  6. Huddersfield not an overly physical team, be reyt.
  7. Get well soon mick uto
  8. What a boost this would be
  9. If we don't go up we'll have to cash in the chips
  10. +1 for Rhodes smiley, has to happen