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  1. Adam Reach

    Had a reyt game
  2. Winall and Fletcher??

    Swap Boyd and Bannan round and abdi for Jones. Jones is shocking without the ball, players stroll past him. We're nearly as desperate for a quality cdm as we are cb imo.
  3. Fessi

    Wouldn't surprise me if hooper was having a little dig at FF the other day when he said he might have to play on the wing to get a game.
  4. Rhodes to Wolves???

    Cash in the chips
  5. johan djourou

  6. johan djourou

  7. johan djourou

    Not good enough for us though
  8. Alan Hutton

    Better than both our right backs.
  9. Alan Hutton

    This Hutton + Boyd on the right, Reach + FF on the left? Filthy.
  10. Reluctant Nicko

    Hutton and Mulgrew for a couple of million would be a solid bit of business
  11. Next season kit

    They're fantastic
  12. Jagielka

    Dr Sax would've heard about it
  13. Grant Hanley