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  1. Slap a nought on it you fox fiddling ballbags
  2. Kurt Zouma. KURT ZOUMA. KURT BLOOMIN ZOUMA!!!!!! Why don't we borrow Diego Costa till January too, he needs a new home for a few months. Think some of our fans need sectioning.
  3. Probably someone's port hole.
  4. 1 more sleep until this thread gets real! Kleenex and lotion at the ready..... Window is coming.
  6. Maybe instead of non-mega we could rename it? Non mega insinuates it's not amazing but still quite good. I propose: Summer 2017 Bang Average Transfer thread.
  7. Exactly! All these my mate said rumours help no-one and are probably counter productive. Who knows what's gone on with the physios and fitness team. We could see a fitter Jordan Rhodes next season who will be playing regularly, could be the striker we all know he can be.... we could even see fully fit Hooper and Abdi!
  8. Not in the summer window no. Sure there are regulations on how many times a player can move within windows and until Saturday JR legally is still a Boro player. Come Saturday 1st July he will transfer to us and the payment/first instalment will go to Boro. As far as I know whether he/us/Boro want another move it cannot happen til Jan 1st '18. This needs putting to bed, he is and will be our player without question when next season starts.
  9. Doesn't matter, the deal has been signed sealed and delivered. JR is our player, no givesies backsies or takesies backsies. The only reason it was loan to permanent will be to do with FFP. Whether we want to give him back or Boro want him back means diddly squat.
  10. Rhodes is 10000% not going back to Boro. Our player come July 1st, let's get behind him and see what he can do!
  11. Rooney? Close this thread now, my word!
  12. Just a rumour up to now. 25m apparently for Keane. 15m for Lees no less. We need to start exploiting teams when we they know they have money when they want one of our assets now. Not happened under DC yet so unless Lees forces the move let's play hard ball
  13. Fletcher on the other hand....
  14. Let's go angling.