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  1. Entrance to the country will be decided by a skills test on the border.
  2. I'm in 2026 in football manager and they kept the rules the same so think that's proof enough.
  3. Ignore the actual size of the stadium as we don't want to be the MCG. But look at the wasted areas where crowds will be miles from the pitch. No thanks.
  4. I used to draw the badge on desks at school. Feel like that's going to be more difficult these days.
  5. I give him 5 days.
  6. Yes, sell to a significantly richer person. If we do that every two years soon we will be the richest club ever. Good plan.
  7. A curse on the name Lee is descending at Hillsborough. Bullen better be scared.
  8. #ToesOffForHutch
  9. Furious George once promised to cut off a finger for the right charitable donation. Reckon that's got to be the starting point for negotiations here.
  10. And 25% of the profit from his next sale and £10,000 after 10 international games.
  12. Student Owl should donate £20 for every game Hutch is suspended or injured.
  13. This is just a dig at the Sharks, isn't it? NOBODY WILL REMEMBER YOUR TITLE IF THE SPREADSHEET FORGETS
  14. Is that a specific or rhetorical question? Only I'm developing a list for FatBadger to answer.