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  1. We're going to win 18 in a row and go up as Champions
  2. There are more letters in our name. Also, our name is (partially) on more calendars and diaries than theirs. Our name is in capitals in this thread's title. Blue and white is more colours than just white. Unlucky Leeds.
  3. A Choice of Sams sounds like a rubbish installment of the Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones books. A Clash of Kings A Storm of Swords A Choice of Sams
  4. With Hutch's tendency to sit approximately 3 inches in front of the back 4 and Abdi lurking around behind the forwards, there'd be about 50 square meters of the pitch without a Wednesday player on it. They just don't work in a 4-4-2. Bannan is ineffectively filling the Lee role of linking that up, mostly because we haven't got anyone else anything like Lee. Lee and Abdi might work, but Hutch has been integral in our great defence so I wouldn't change that. It's all a bit awkward, but a lot of teams would kill to be wondering how they work their big summer signing into the team after three straight wins.
  5. Didn't look in on the BBC Text Commentary.
  6. Some people might like the sort of punishment the Premier League hottie can dish out. According to my friend. So I heard. Shut up.
  7. I'm not sniping about where he was born and being a Wednesday fan. It would be ever so slightly hypocritical to do that. The point was his tweet reads "both from Sheffield", which isn't true, but actually it's a shortened version of the Instagram caption "both from Sheffield Collegiate CC". As for why it matters, it's because it's very important to me to highlight that Lancastrian Wednesday fans are the best sort.
  8. Vaughan being from the Sheffield district of... Eccles.. erm... Reading the full caption would help - says Sheffield.... Collegiate CC
  9. Well, I enjoyed the Chansiri years whilst they lasted.
  10. Yeah but his goal was set up by a defender...
  11. I've missed his videos until now... So just to catch up, this is a thread talking about a video about another thread about another video? This could go on for a while.
  12. Would have had some words if Gardner had scored that free kick where Fox plainly got the ball. And think he lost his yellow cards in first half.
  13. If we were to redevelop the Lep then I imagine that we'd have to give a whole side of the ground to away fans under the SAG guidance.
  14. "Hey Angus, how are you preparing to face that former star player of yours who moved to a local rival we hate?" "Well jokes on them because actually our star player isn't good enough for their team lololololol" BARNSLEY.