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  1. Footballs are all made abroad. We'll have to kick around cans.
  2. Wish we'd start signing people who are young and experienced and English and cheap ffs. I't snot much to ask.
  3. Wolves spend millions on some players and then get our 97th choice striker on loan?
  4. Can't say I've ever really watched him play.
  5. Dani Alves. Or Barney the Dinosaur. Either would be surprising.
  6. Bet he wonders why they've not had him hold a shirt with his name on it.
  7. Given that he's never appeared from the Brazil senior team from the look of it, he'd struggle to get one. But he's done 2 years in Poland and 3 each in Germany and the Netherlands, so maybe he was at one of those clubs long enough to qualify for citizenship and therefore can come here as an EU player.
  9. roger off Porky
  10. Great plan. Owlstalk, which is the best pole? Bartosz Sluarski Dancing Fireman's
  11. @eDDie any response to this accusation, Porky?
  12. All the fun rides in Vegas have height restrictions and none of the casinos will believe he's 21. Trust me on this.
  13. If I wanted actual news about actual things actually happening to actual Sheffield Wednesday, Owlstalk would be miles down the list of websites to check. I'm purely here to see people fall out.