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  1. Nice house you've got there. Big windows.
  2. Sounds fake tbh. We'd have smashed them.
  3. If he goes there will be trouble. If he stays it will be double. So clearly he should go. Stupid song.
  4. You're proper mardy today.
  5. HOW DO WE GET THERE? flipping SLOW
  6. One was German though, so doesn't really count.
  7. Ah, the classic old saying 'you can tie a horse to a cactus, but you can't make him not call the RSPCA"
  8. Think he does OK for a cutting edge. Just not in form at the moment. Hopefully it will come back, maybe it won't
  9. He just didn't volunteer. A lack of action rather than an action. He also had a quarter of our shots in the entire tie in that time.
  10. Hunt scored versus some team or other at Wembley in 2012.
  11. Easy to say with hindsight, but I think you'd have to kill Hutch to stop him stepping up to take one. Bannan and Lee are probably our best players. Hunt has taken a playoff shootout penalty before, and he scored - he probably has some confidence. All things being equal, Rhodes would be in my top 5. But you can't just ignore a lack of confidence and tell him to get on with it. Penalty shootouts are literally a test of nerve and luck above all else. They can all take penalties with the pressure off.
  12. Think they said Nuhiu volunteered but wasn't top 5 - presumably because they picked them before the game and weren't sure whether he'd be on the pitch.
  13. And the striker proved that being a striker and taking a penalty doesn't mean you'll score. Any one of the professional footballers on that pitch should have the ability to kick a ball 12 yards into a spot of their choosing at a pace of their choosing. When I was a kid the best penalty taker in the Premier League was Dennis Irwin. The ability to be in the right place and finish instinctively isn't really tested in a penalty shootout. It's about the ability to maintain technique under that scrutiny, not what position you play.
  14. Didn't notice any fans taking a penalty. Rubbish.
  15. No if he'd done his homework he'd know that he was meant to stop them after diving the right way. Obviously.