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  1. Good news, hope he goes personally. Some good aspects to his play, but there is fundamental problems which make him a real liability at times. Time for some new thinking in our midfield anyway.
  2. 100% agree, we definitely don't need another striker, it's the other areas of the team we need to work on to supply them.
  3. Total liability. Being Scottish, I have seen what a bombscare he is far too much. Really hope we don't go for him.
  4. Hanley is dreadful, no thanks.
  5. Cant argue with you on the good players and culture part, but the good football? Not this season, it has been eye-bleeding at times.
  6. We could have achieved more. Did that team ever look like Carlos was getting the best out of them this season? We won inspite of Carlos because generally we have better players than a lot of teams. What he trusts is why we never looked like winning that semi-final. That team bar Fletcher never looked like winning the play-off final last year and certainly no-where near did enough to win the semis this year.
  7. Chansiri's money brought that. Carlos let us down this season with his negativity and favouritism. Its ridiculous to try and compare Carlos to any manager since relegation, working under completely different circumstances.
  8. I feel he cost us promotion with his negativity this season, really hope he learns from it.
  9. Mmm. if he has learned from where it went wrong this season, then great, if not I'm not looking forward to watching Bannan getting shoe-horned in to the team, isolated strikers and no pace on the wings again. He needs to be braver and be willing to move on from his favourites like Bannan and Wallace to improve the team!
  10. I think Hunt proved towards the end of the season that he is capable of filling that position.
  11. No, didn't think that mate, just realised I probably hadn't made that clear in my first post.
  12. I'm hoping he is given a proper chance by whoever our manager is next season. He looked good those few games he played before he was injured.
  13. Mcmanaman surely had potential to be a good signing? He was never given a chance.
  14. I do agree actually, it was definitely a combination of both.
  15. But was that down to the player or down to Carlos? I don't think they improved is because Carlos never gave them a fair chance.