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  1. If it's 5, it's TEA!
  2. welcome to owlstalk
  3. What particular question?
  4. We tend not to shoot any way in the first half
  5. So are you, or not?
  6. For a team which really struggles to score goals and Rhodes clearly not being a negative influence around the dressing room, I'm really surprised they let him go
  7. There won't be too many defences looking forward to playing against those two if Carlos can find a formation to include ff and Abdi.......... the mouth waters
  8. He was nowhere near the ball, went for his ankle with a view to hurting him straight red for me
  9. Half an hour to hold on. We need to attack not look to defend
  10. It's going to take a few games to build an understanding, give them a break
  11. I wonder if we'd have signed him had we got Rhodes already. He was perhaps more of an insurance, had the Rhodes deal fallen through
  12. Had he come on a free, he'd not get a fraction of the criticism he gets on here. He did well, not great I admit, but he looks a good player to me.
  13. Please don't sit back and invite them back in
  14. He's hardly the only manager in the league to be given a decent tool box - remind me, how much have Villa and Newcastle spent?