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  1. No kit,no wins and no Semedo! we are going down!!
  2. Ahh that's the key to it!
  3. No ROLF,he`s on Childrens Mastermind
  4. Pope also on the same show.
  5. Reach is old school winger,Reach is not a defender and Reach is not a wingback,if you play Reach as an out and out winger Reach will be a real asset,if CC continues to as he did last season he will ruin Reach.
  6. Probably somewhere in here,In the words of Max "it's a kinda midget"
  7. It's looking like a 'clusterf*ck* of a start to the celebrations, if the training tops are anything to go by, it looks tacky with whatever the makers are called and to top it off we're playing Rangers. Hope I'm wrong like.
  8. Someone on here will know.
  9. Sneaky peek,just for you Mr.F xx
  10. Hollywood.
  11. His Botox went well also!
  12. HMS PHISH THE LEAGUE back enroute!
  13. Kop tho.
  14. I mean as in we need a full back, midfielder and a winger.