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  1. It is a phrase I use a lot and never thought of any racial under tones. It has always meant to mean tell it as it is. Apologises if I took your comment wrong.
  2. I don't find that funny.
  3. Good luck although you wont need it, you'll be good as new.
  4. No way am I going to vote. Enjoying the ride and my ticket is valid until the last stop.
  5. Leeds are gone. There are others to worry about, but they have to worry about us so no worries.
  6. Could an Owls v Fulham final - you never know.
  7. Just enjoy the win, it's what we all want and they delivered. Anyway my birthday and a great day as well. Won 40 pounds on National and my two teams both won, Spurs and Owls, so silly comments aren't going to bother me.
  8. Just so I get this right, you say Nuhiu is woeful, yet you prefer him to Fletcher ? Mind boggling.
  9. I would want 3 points but would settle for 1.
  10. Forget the negativity, 3 points and we move on. It is all about points now, nothing else matters.
  11. Anyone who says tonights game is not must win is delusional. Please CC and the team make it a night to remember and not a melt down on here.
  12. RIP Wolfmanjack. WTID