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  1. With the right service, Rhodes, otherwise Lee.
  2. I like the look of our squad, except we need an upgrade to Loovens, he is too lightweight for me.
  3. Am I bovvered ?
  4. Happy with this. A very good player at our level. A couple more of similar quality will do nicely.
  5. No more negative comments from me until the first four matches have been played, and I hope by then it will be a positive start and we will all be celebrating 10 points. Well we can all dream
  6. Managing expectations was fine when we had a low budget and average players. We have a high budget and some quality and should get more before the season starts, so any expectations for next season should be high, both with the players and fans.
  7. So if we get into the playoffs and miss out again it will not have been a bad season ? lol
  8. Don't let any form of cyber bullying bother you. We are all entitled to an opinion. A bit of banter is great but some try to over power you. If you keep replying they enjoy it more so stuff them I am one of the so called "moaners" because like you I cannot see CC changing his playing style and the negative tactics at the wrong time have cost us promotion IMO.
  9. Nobody knows for sure how good they are, sometimes you have to take a risk, that's what managers are paid big salary's for. I am not advocating throwing players into the deep end but a few minutes in the odd game is the usual way of blooding talent, although it may be better loaning a selected couple of players out for experience.
  10. Very rare that I agree with you and this post is no exception. To slowly give the exceptional ones a few minutes is hardly rocket science. Premier clubs have far more strength in depth than us but they often give youth a chance. I know their youngsters are top quality but we have some good ones as well.
  11. There many teenagers playing in the Premiership/Championship, some in the starting 11, some from the bench. Carlos is too careful and isn't the type to take any chances. He has his favourite " turn to" players, so I cannot see any youngsters getting a chance.
  12. With a couple of quality additions we have the quality to get into the top two. The important bit is the setup and mindset to be positive and not go defensive when we go into the lead. Whether Carlos can do it remains to be seen.
  13. No. Hope I am wrong but I do not think he will deliver promotion next season.
  14. I bet our Chairman doesn't think the PL is over rated. Threads such as this are just fans feeling crap and trying to kid themselves that not going up is just fine.
  15. I am a great believer in the saying "A leopard doesn't change their spots" Carlos is too set in his ways. Even with some changes on the field, he will still resort to negative tactics, so his team's do not get a hiding, but may sneak a winner. He's had plenty of time and another season watching his playing style will turn away fans.