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  1. He has a point in recruiting premiership quality players. If we do this then we will get promoted. Either Lee, Hutchinson or Bannan needs to be sold and we need a boss/governor in the middle. This may actually be Abdi, who knows. He has a point in Rhodes. I won't personally have a go at him (try not to), but we need strikers with a selfish mentally of wanting to score ALL the goals, pens, a bit like FF is tbh. He needs to be ruthless. Could you imagine Jermain Defoe passing up on a pen in the biggest game of the season? If Rhodes sorts this out he will be successful with us.
  2. Only one way to solve this is to buy 3/4 Premier quality players in the positions we need strengthening. Right back, a big boss center mid, right winger. You get prem ready players in those positions and they will get us promoted. They will know they will be playing for the club the season after. The OP will get neg to death, but with one or two players he won't be far from the truth. It's Human nature.
  3. Wow!
  4. Last call.
  5. @Rob_The_Owl
  6. More the merrier.
  7. Are you joining us?
  8. My bad.
  9. It's not in Wilmslow. it's on Wilmslow Road in Withington, which is a continuation of Oxford Road. Popular area close to the city centre on a popular bus route 152 Magic/First/stage coach.
  10. I will be at Hillsborough for the home leg, so this is just for the away game on Sunday. Hopefully will be a good turnout.
  11. Calling all Manchester Owls, Just spoken to the manager at the Red Lion Pub in Withington. They will be playing the match for us and he said that he will open the pub at 11:00 AM, with it being a 12 noon kick off. They normally open at 12. I told him what happened last season at the other pub with the "chanting" and he said not to worry, feel free to wear your Wednesday shirts, sing, chant and dance etc. The pub is very close to the Christie Hospital on Wimslow Road. For those that don't know the area the 152/3 magic bus will get you there. Full address is:- 530-532 Wilmslow Rd, Manchester, M20 4BT Let me know on here (if possible) so I have an idea of how many will be attending, don't really want the guy to open the pub an hour earlier if its just a handful of us. Would be good to get similar numbers to last year. Peace. Manc_Owl
  12. This is really peeing me off. For a billion reasons they shouldn't be playing our core songs. The atmosphere which is mainly influenced by the songs/chants are reasons I go to Hillsborough, it's why the away games are awesome. I don't want that being replicated all over because "our" band fancy playing the songs that are in favour with us. It makes a mockery of us and makes us sound like a franchise. Time for them to go.
  13. What stand is everyone sitting in?
  14. Seriously, if anyone has a Forest ticket. Even 1 I'll take it. Been planning this weekend since last year.
  15. Don't care what anyone says. It flips me off. There are times when clubs genuinely share songs like 'Silver Lining' us and Wolves. I have no problem with that. I do have a problem with clubs like Derby virtually copying every song we sing. Football is largely about atmosphere and fan participation, songs create an identity, I don't want to be playing a club that sounds exactly the same as us. As for 'We're on our Way" there is no question of a doubt that it was Wednesday that made that song as popular as it is today, along with the Bannan song. No question. I have no problem with that band playing at Hillsborough, but if they are literally going to go to England and L**DS Rhino matches and play the same songs then they should be banned from playing at Hillsborough. It's more than annoying.