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  1. All this Forestieri rubbish from Carlos

    Last night's match and second half of QPR would have suited FF. As I've mentioned in another thread our best formation with the squad players we have is 433. This actually keeps most players happy. (FF) (Hooper) (Winnall/Fletcher/Rhodes) And with Jones as DM giving more protection we will win more games than lose or draw. The issue I have is that we've gone to this formation through force of injuries. Will Carlos set us up like this from the start is yet to be seen.
  2. Lucas Joao vs Jordan Rhodes

    We have 6 strikers. If you don't score and miss an open net you must be dropped. He also should have scored the other chance in the first half.
  3. Forestieri not in the squad

    You keep on referring back to his antics last season. Ok let's do that, just so that we can get everything into perspective, but let's include everything, right!? Was our top scorer season 1. Fact. Was our most exciting player first season 1. Subjective. Was our most dangerous player season 1. Subjective. Has been photographed watching the development squad, season 1. Fact. Refused to play against Villa. Season 2. Speculation. Played against Villa season 2. Fact. Scored against Villa season 2, despite speculation of him not wanting to play. Fact. Was on less money than Fletcher, despite being our main player and not being happy about it. Speculation. Refused to Travel to play against against Norwich season 2. Speculation/fact. Made to apologise to the fans. Fact Apologised to the fans and the club. Fact. Made to look like a wounded dog season 2. Subjective. Was the top goal scorer season 2. Fact. Was our most exciting player season 2. Subjective. Missed pen at Brighton away where the whole side crumbled despite having a real opportunity to get 3 points from a promotion rival. Fact. When benched at Newcastle at home (due to injuries) was dying to get on the pitch. Season 2. Fact. Scored a cracking goal at Forest away showing determination and desire to succeed. Season 2. Subjective. Jumped into the away crowed when he scored at Forest away. Season 2. Fact. Scored a flying header against Cardiff at home to beat Warnocks ridged side. Season 2. Fact. Missed pen in the playoffs. Fact. Came back/rushed from an injury in the playoffs. Speculation. Was one of our better players Preston away. Season 3. Subjective. Refused to play wide left. Season 3 Speculation. Manager states he did not refuse to play out wide. Fact. He tracks back more than most players. Season 1/2/3. Subjective. He had an altercation with another player over a bad/late tackle season 3. Speculation. He was dropped from the squad yesterday because of that altercation Speculation. Now..... Go through that list and weigh up the facts against the speculations and the subjective views. You may come to the conclusion that your treatment or should I say anger towards Fernando Forestieri is an overreaction. It's the type of overaction (because of how social media gets us close to the players) drives the players out of the club. This is only reason why I'm even bothering replying to some of you. As I hope to dilute the guilty first ask questions last mentality.
  4. Forestieri not in the squad

    And how do you know that?
  5. Winall and Fletcher??

    Yup. João has scored more for Sheffield Wednesday than Rhodes. Rhodes should have scored two yesterday. Other strikers also perform well with João. You can even have FF in a top 2 with João. Had João missed that Rhodes chance yesterday off the line for it to go over the bar (similar to Brentford away last season) then everyone would have gone batsh1t crazy. He offers pace.
  6. Winall and Fletcher??

    I didn't go to the Chesterfield match so I can't comment on Abdi. I think Jones steadies the midfield, I thought he played alright when he came on yesterday (I know that's not the popular opinion).
  7. Winall and Fletcher??

    He's been our top goal scorer for two seasons in a row. I've also put him in a top 3 on the left. We should be playing 433 with Jones and Hooper playing DM and in the hole respectively.
  8. Winall and Fletcher??

    On evidence so far..... This is my team. Westwood Hunt Lees Pudil Reach Jones Bannan Boyd Hooper Winnall Forestieri Bench Wildsmith Palmer Loovens Hutchinson Abdi Fletcher João Not made Bench Rhodes Nuhihu Wallace Dawson Fox Matias
  9. Forestieri not in the squad

    He's our top goal scorer for the last two seasons for a start. Arguably Lee is a better midfield player, but Lee has a big injury problem. Forestieri for me is the first name on the team sheet.
  10. Forestieri not in the squad

    Has it ever come across to you that the altercation between FF and Winnall is a good thing? From what I see from those two players is when they are on the pitch they both give their all and want to score and win. Both are selfish and me personally would play them both at the same time. Being temperamental is not a problem, not knowing how to manage that temper is.
  11. Forestieri not in the squad

    The fact that he's had to be disciplined means feck all to anything. We have no idea why he's had to be disciplined. So why hound him out of the club without full information. It could be something really minor, the reaction to FF by some of fans is dare I say it tinpot. Don't know how to deal with a big player.
  12. Forestieri not in the squad

    Tell me what FF has done wrong this time? You can't, you don't know. It could have a late tackle. You are basically saying let's get rid of our best player without actually hearing the full story. Rediculous.
  13. Forestieri not in the squad

    Mind set of our fans is disappointing. Can't see that they are being played by our manager. My theory is that Carlos wants FF out but Chansiri doesn't. He came out and said FF doesn't want to play on the left as he doesn't want to track back. We all know that was bullsh1t. There's been an altercation and seemingly FF is the only one to get punished. Shouldn't you be punishing your players (especially your best player) with extra laps/press ups/ apology to the team/ community work/ a bloody FINE! Why would you punish him by leaving him out of the squad???? That just punishes the fans. 3 points were more important than teaching him a lesson. FFS Wednesday fans, wake up and see what is going on. I was at the Preston match and the news came in at 2:30 ish that the deal with (whats he called) had fallen through. Yesterday at 2:30 radio Sheffield are doing a poll on whether Wednesday were right not to include FF on the squad. The timing of releasing this information seems suspect to me. It's as if someone is deliberately trying to jeopardize these games and cause tension with the fans. Why wasn't this information realised at the Forum on Friday. Bad management from all involved. Something's not right and its got feck all to do with Forestieri.
  14. Forestieri not in the squad

    Quote possibly true. But it should have been kept internal. Good management would have made sure of that.