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  1. I have ask someone today when play off final at our ground when I got my semi final ticket.
  2. play off final will be on Monday 29th may for championship at wembley
  3. for me I get angry and mad I don't get excited at all. I don't like our songs anymore on our loud speakers. I get more angry with our team and referees sometimes. I get mad when someone come pass me in south stand where I sit with my mum and dad we keep standing up. it is nightmare. when someone is behind me there cant watch game and also someone front of me I cant watch the match.
  4. lose all four I cant see us win next game.
  5. there is no loan window at all. we cant sign anyone after transfer window closed last night. we get our players injured there is no loan window.
  6. Wednesday have miss two players today one have join brighton and one set to join Cardiff City.
  7. brian the blade is a complete Idiot same our fans as well complete Idiot don't know what they talking about I don't listen football heaven anymore.