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  1. for me I get angry and mad I don't get excited at all. I don't like our songs anymore on our loud speakers. I get more angry with our team and referees sometimes. I get mad when someone come pass me in south stand where I sit with my mum and dad we keep standing up. it is nightmare. when someone is behind me there cant watch game and also someone front of me I cant watch the match.
  2. lose all four I cant see us win next game.
  3. there is no loan window at all. we cant sign anyone after transfer window closed last night. we get our players injured there is no loan window.
  4. Wednesday have miss two players today one have join brighton and one set to join Cardiff City.
  5. brian the blade is a complete Idiot same our fans as well complete Idiot don't know what they talking about I don't listen football heaven anymore.
  6. I don't like home and away kit at all it is rubbish. I am not happy with it. it going waste our money. sorry Sheffield Wednesday fc. I don't like our new home and away kit.
  7. hi kate

    how are u?

  8. when sheffield wednesday season dvd for 2015/16 coming out.
  9. good luck Wednesday on Saturday I am sorry I am not there at all. I will be listening 5 live radio. it is not online on bbc radio Sheffield
  10. to all wednesdayites and players manager chairman staff. I have just a tweet message from someone on twitter she say all the best in the final she want us get premier league. my boss will be wednesdaytie he want us to do well he will be get behind us. also everyone from chesterfield fc will be get behind us as well I wouldn't be there I hope we get promoted I will be thinking about all. I hope all have good day out at Wembley I am sorry I am not there with all. I will be listen radio 5 live on that day. I will be proud all. let see what will happened play offs final it is going be real tough game on our hand. remember Sheffield united was 2-0 up at ht then hull city came back 5-3 winners we are underdogs good luck Wednesday team and Carlos also Lee also rest coaching staff. I want go back to premier league land end this season. see u all in august.
  11. good luck Wednesday at Wembley end this month. I will thinking about all when I am at filey I will send a text message to nigel what let him know if I am watching on tv or radio 5 live on that day. to all players I am so proud I am happy. keep up play off final.
  12. yes we get angry and mad to radio sheffield. next season if we are in premiership i bet we will be on bbc radio 5 live and bbc radio 5 live sport extra one the games. i am real mad at radio sheffield. they cut it off before kick off online.
  13. pass two weeks ago i have listen bbc radio 5 live sport extra it was bbc radio derby between derby v sheffield wednesday. a week later same station it was bbc radio sheffield between sheffield wednesday v cardiff city we got a place in play offs a week later no bbc radio 5 sport extra doing our last away game against wolves. end up between middlesbrough v brighton. tomorrow it is on bbc radio 5 live between brighton v sheffield wednesday. barnsley will be on sport 5 live on thursday walsall game 2nd leg.
  14. our game commentary is not online tomorrow radio Sheffield I will be listen 5 live said on online tomorrow night anywhere. praise and grumble will be online after tomorrow night game. if the game will not go to extra time and penalty shootout.
  15. good luck Wednesday tomorrow I will be listen radio 5 live tomorrow night. I will be thinking about all. we had good season. I am proud Wednesday playing staff also players what u have done to us. at moment I am real nervous. see u in august in championship or premier league land. I will thinking about all if we get to Wembley in play offs final carlos had a good dream. I cant wait for this dvd preview this season all goals we score against teams.