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  1. As a centre forward he doesn't make the bench for me. As a wide man he's first choice.
  2. Due to an injury picked up in the 2nd leg, it also says. Might answer a few questions.
  3. For me, Forestieri had his best showing over the past few games on left against Brentford 2nd half. Rhodes has looked his best with Winnall. And vice versa. Easy decision for me.
  4. I suppose my point is the hikes aren't because Chansiri wants the fans to bank roll him or the club. It's because we need the money to operate. Without it I'd imagine we'd be under embargos and other restrictions. In fact we've already seen the without it, just go back 3 seasons! It is crap that not everyone can afford to go but that's a constant throughout modern football. Wednesday aren't the problem and nothing will change until the whole 'bubble' of PL football, in this country at least, bursts.
  5. FFP has a lot to answer for. But people will still jump towards greedy owners or clubs. The well worn quote from Rummenigge on Bayern's ticketing policy is a great example of what FFP has done. He said something like they could sell the same amount of season tickets even if they put next seasons price up by €100. But the €1 million it would generate is not worth as much to Bayern as the €100 is to the fan. Fair comment. But Bayern still manage to operate on the highest level transfer wise and still stay well clear of a fine or ban from UEFA for operating beyond their means. Yet if a team, like Wednesday for example, go into the Premier League and need to sell their tickets for €100 more than Bayern do in order to compete, are they really ripping fans off? If fans want them to reach or even stay in the Premier League, and avoid any sanctions, surely that's the price you pay? Wednesday don't have the global revenue streams a team like Bayern have, or the parachute and PL TV payments of a Newcastle. If people want to see us compete then the only way we can is obviously to make the extra 400-500k a season in price hikes. There's only so much I'd imagine Chansiri can do to bank roll the club. We can't just show accounts year on year where he's stumped up all the shortfall. I'm sure that's one of the main reasons FFP was brought in, to stop Billionaires doing a Chelsea or Man City. It's very likely we'll see similar price hikes at Wolves aswell come next summer.
  6. They're red...
  7. I completely get any ill feeling he has towards us as a club/fanbase. But it's not an excuse to carry off how he does in games against us. He acts like a thug. He's a good defender at this level, as said before. But his attitude, especially against our players, is ridiculously over the top. He's definitely one you'd love to play against as a Wednesday player. Leave a foot in or put him in his place when he's tryna bully the smaller lads. So easy to wind up.
  8. Reminded me of when Jones brought JJ on there. At least JJ had experience in that position! For me that change cost us the 2nd. Hard to target Hunt for me because bar Lees, who actually looked any good? You could've hooked any of them when Hunt got took off. People are quick to highlight how his crossing is poor. Not so quick to highlight whether his winger is helping enough or if anyone in the box has actually bothered to make a run. We had plenty of crosses flying in on Saturday from both sides, but not enough thought going into them. The forwards weren't moving, which led to the crosser just aiming for the man rather than the space. Terrible all round.
  9. He wants the Tram Tunnel back.
  10. Maybe true but there's rules against that sort of thing nowadays. Because it leads to what has happened with FF.
  11. Someone's definitely put something infront of him. CC hinted as much but I think it got lost in translation slightly. He said something about another team showing our player something but not with our blessing or something like that. But that it's part of football and everyone knows it happens.
  12. If I was FF I'd look at Lachman and be very worried.
  13. It's his mate he'll be treading very, very carefully in the next two weeks I suspect.
  14. Hearing that he took part in training on Friday, including planning for today. To then turn around as they're boarding the bus and say he isn't going is a disgrace. Complete disregard for his team mates, the fans travelling and the coaching staff. Sh*thouse.
  15. So the Dr has decided Bennett either plays below himself or doesn't play atall. Seems fair..