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  1. Sorry but carlos needs to go now!!!!

    I agree with all those saying wins paper over cracks... We must have a lot of cracks as we won enough to finish 4th last season and like for like have more points this season than last at this stage.
  2. 2-3-5

    Nuhiu as battering ram centre forward with two of Hooper, Fletcher, Winnall and Rhodes as the inside forwards feeding off him. Forestieri and Wallace as the Wingers. Admittedly were arguably a right half short at the moment (Keiran Lee could do the job alongside Hutch and Jones when fit) but other that we've got the players to play it so why don't we? I'll tell you why... Carlos is tactically inflexible, too scared of conceding and too obsessed with defending as the first priority. Not since Derek Dooley have we had a player score an average of more than one goal a game and there is no way that'll change whilst ever Carlos is in charge. Goals win games and Carlos is too stubborn to see that this formation is the way forward. [Flippant mode off/] Stop whinging hysterically and get behind the team, we just got knocked out of an insignificant cup against an opponent we battered and who scored with virtually every shot on target. So what? League football this weekend and hopefully another three points towards a third straight winning season with CC in charge. Some of you lot must lead very enviable lives if everything else in your life is so perfect that all you've got to moan about is the best Chairman we've had in a very long time and the best Manager we've had in a very long time not spending someone elses money for your enjoyment quite how your entitled mind feels it should be spent and not setting out the expensively assembled squad quite how your tactical mastermind feels appropriate.
  3. League Cup 3rd Round Draw - 4:15am

    Reminds me of the Alan Irvine days when you had to desperately try to stay awake to watch Wednesday (or alternatively just sleep through the whole thing)
  4. can the club do anything right?

    This behavior from the club is truly abhorrent. Do they not realise that revenue streams are not required at all in an anniversary year?
  5. So Called Highlights

    Controversy in the build up to surely? It's amazing how a player who jumps over the ball cannot be deemed to be offside.
  6. Anti-Football & Refereeing

    Please accept my apology, you are of course correct. Your TruFan points have made me see the error of my ways.
  7. Anti-Football & Refereeing

    Yes forgot about that...!
  8. Anti-Football & Refereeing

    Well that escalated quickly...
  9. First things first, we were crap and deserved to lose. Main point of this thread is that I picked up a stream of the game for the final 15 mins... pretty much from the penalty onwards and what I saw makes me wonder why I even watch football. Preston are a horrid team, throwing themselves to ground and rolling around pretty much for the full 15 mins and the referee just let them do it. Irrelevant in the grand scheme of things but how can a ref mark out ten yards on the edge of the box and then allow a Preston player to jostle Looven(?) two yards in front of the wall? I saw enough in that 15 minutes to suspect that refereeing is going to be atrocious again all season and that spoiling tactics (which lets face it we aren't unfamiliar with in the slightest) will be central to the script from 75 minutes on (or earlier). I'm gonna go back to reading, going for walks and mowing the lawn on Saturdays again.
  10. Am I being overly blue spec'd or was there suspicion of offside in the build up and was the penalty incident a great tackle?
  11. Black Tie Event

    Reasonably proceed for me, I expected them to start at £200+ VAT. I'd buy one if I were in to that kind of thing.
  12. Valentines Greeting from Tony Crane.....

    I got a call from Tony Crane. He told me my order was gonna be late but they'd get my Pizza to me as soon as possible.
  13. Quality of pre-season opposition.

    I agree with the original poster, we need different opposition to truly prepare ourselves for the start of this season. I would have suggested the following preseason schedule for 17/18: Preston (A) Chesterfield (H) QPR (H) Sunderland (H) Fulham (A) Burton (A)
  14. Meeting Nuhiu

    Simon Stainrod used to be my next door neighbour, it was the early-mid 80s, I was four, I apparently kicked a ball around with him regularly and I don't remember it. Vienna, Austria... February 2011... me and Our Gert had been to Schloß Schönbrunn for a lovely walk around the palace gardens. Consulted the map and realised that Rapid Viennas ground was along the same tram route so paid it a visit... found the gates were open so we wandered in unopposed and just sauntered around the ground at a leisurely pace, taking a few sneaky pictures but kinda scared the gestapo would come and take us away... Fear heightened as on the way out we quite literally bumped into a tall man mountain in football gear, followed by several more people in football gear all heading to what turned out to be the training ground... we'd run into a 'top secret' training session (they were on their winter break) which we stopped and watched for a bit. They started off with some sort of football/rugby hybrid which the tall lad was absolutely killing at due to his height. No pictorial evidence was gained because of the aforementioned fear of the gestapo... pictures were too much of a risk... Fast forward a few years and the tall lad, unbeknownst to me, turned out to be our very own Atdhe Nuhiu. GOD I WISH I'D TAKEN PHOTOS.