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  1. I'll be at Wembley enduring the football. I just hopeful whatever the outcome football is the winner.
  2. I agree recruitment has been poor, which is why I was quite happy to see that line up on Wednesday. I'd have been tempted to put FF out wide but then that would also have been shoe horning a player into a position they didn't really fit... Whether Bannan out wide or FF they'd both have been guilty of coming inside, unbalancing us and leaving us exposed. The loss of Wallace left us completely without natural width (I'm not convinced by Reach though he had been better of late). The team he put out, playing last seasons football wouldn't have struggled to beat Huddersfield as Pudil and Hunt would bomb on and give us width. I don't think anyone else in the squad had done enough to displace those in the starting line up, that's maybe the crux of the issue, good players who we aren't getting the best out of. Just my opinion from admittedly limited insight.
  3. Who would you have swapped? Genuine question.
  4. Carlos started ten from the play off defeat as after much tinkering (and with a few injuries) it was deemed to be our strongest line up.
  5. I'm officially pooing bricks now.
  6. Couldn't sleep for ages last night at the thought of today... when I went to sleep I spent the entire night fighting off the advances of this reight fit bird who offered mystery and excitement... the dream ended with me cosying up to Our Gert who in real life is a Reading fan (and who is also reight fit for the record)... Is this an omen? Does it signify the unity of SWFC and Reading in the final? I think so, on that basis I'm going for a nervy 2-1 win which could very well end up being after we come from behind (unlike last nights dream in which I turned my back on those sorts of antics in favour of familiar, missionary, no-ones-going-to-enjoy-this-so-lets-get-it-over-and-done-with sex)...
  7. He's on a career break from the company I work for. Been on it for about 12yrs now, maximum length is supposed to be 3yrs... Might end date his employment if he has a shocker... "Abandonment of Service"...
  8. Lat season I'd be worried, off the back of 'overconfidence' going into Charlton, MK and Bristol City away, but we haven't really had anything like that this season and besides Huddersfield are a good side so I can't imagine for one second the players will be expecting a stroll in the park.
  9. Woke up at 6am due to nerves, hoping we can nick a 1-0 to take into the second leg. Whatever the result I just hope every has a good time and does lots of singing and shouting
  10. Obviously a contentious decision so not as clear cut as the yellow card or red card brigade think. I don't think the referee can see it clearly. The stills show his body shape as the Fulham player crosses his field of vision. He see Mattias start his lunge, he sees the after effect but hes gone from looking in front of the Fulham player to behind him so doesn't see that its a one footed challenge at point of impact. Whether or not it was worthy of a red is as debatable as whether or not he actually saw it properly, if he didn't see it he has no right to give a red card. If it's a red card for the reckless intent then by the same standards MacDonald needed a red in the second half, if Hutchinson didn't 'duck out' of that challenge it was a potential leg breaker.
  11. If Rhodes had pulled down the ball over the top and tucked it away we'd have been 2-0 up and cruising with our second 11 having never got out of third gear. Yes they went on to win, yes they dominated possession but we wouldn't ordinarily be down to ten men and for the most part their possession was redundant passing around us with little penetration. When they did penetrate it was through quick, clever interchanges and we'll have to be wary of that if we play them again. I'd like to think that the first goal would never happen with our first choice back four - the cross wouldn't come in unchallenged and there wouldn't be two Fulham players unmarked around the penalty spot. The second goal I'd like to think either Loovens or Lees would have got there head on it and removed the danger. In summary, some key points to work on but personnel changes and a team more used to playing competitively together and we'll be reight.
  12. Won lots of games by low margins and lost heavily a few times
  13. I can slag Reading off as much as I want on here, @Mrs Binky Griptite can't remember her log on details. (Reading are shuffle)
  14. I'm already laying the groundwork for a quickie separation...
  15. Sending off was a yellow for me, was one of those cynical challenges that is a yellow card every time. That he pulled out the red card wasn't entirely surprising but was a complete overreaction from the ref. He set a low bar for sending off challenges then didn't even talk to MacDonald after Hutch saw his lunge coming and got out of the way. Likewise the Martin follow through... Never a sending off but in line with the standard he'd set...