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  1. I'd stay off Plenty of Fish for a while, don't want to overdo it. PS well done on still being here.
  2. There was an element of frustration about Rhodes on Saturday, he was picking up some excellent positions, dropping five yards off the back of a defender and the ball never came. He did it again and again and you can see with the right service how prolific he could be... just a matter of getting on the same wavelength, which you might have expected the players to have been on this far in.
  3. Don't like it when we go defensive by bringing Semedo on, however I hope we see a 20 minute cameo from Semedo five more times this season as It'd mean we have something to defend.
  4. It's the printers in the club shop, they're a bit thick. Same thing happened to me when I asked for 'Lee' on my shirt and the buggers got the second and third letters mixed up.
  5. This sounded great today
  6. Beat Fulham and we finish third, they finish sixth. Lose to Fulham and we finish fifth, they finish fourth. Either way we play them in the semi. Nightmare.
  7. Double delight for me as I'd won Man of the Match that morning. Big gathering of family at my parents house, they bought a new MASSIVE TV, must have been about 24 inch, specially for the game. I have memories of the match itself but can't recall the post match celebrations at all.
  8. Best of luck, let's hope today's result doesn't leave anyone else requiring the same surgery.
  9. First game of the season for me today, I'm a proper part timer. First time on the kop in about ten years, looking forward to it and expect a 4-0 demolition of Derby.
  10. Yeah, 100%. We absolutely need more players who consistently lose the ball
  11. We do indeed have some great selection headaches but I'd write Lee off for the season and if we get anything out of him it may be a bonus / desperation. If you cast your mind back to a prior era, Lee was hit and miss but he grew into Championship football game on game to become the mainstay he ended up... with so few games left in the season I think he'll struggle to become THE Kieran Lee we know and love. I'd have more confidence in the midfielders who have, by and large, been doing the biz as of late. That said wouldn't it be great if Lee came back and hit the ground running.
  12. If only there was an existing thread for us to gaze at the league table in...
  13. I'm taking the young un to Jump at 3pm... Bad timing but unavoidable. Rest assured I'll be singing "if you don't f***in bounce" in my head so it'll be a warehouse full of Wednesday and I think that'll be enough to spur us on to a much needed three points. 2-0 Wednesday. Bannan Jones
  14. I have us going in to the final game against Fulham in 7th, out of the play offs on goal difference before winning the final game showdown 2-1
  15. Wildsmith?