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  1. I see what you're saying but for the most part these incidents are taking place away from home and had they gone the other way we'd be praising the perfect smash and grab away performance. I dare say we didn't go away to Burton to stifle them... we lost 3-1... opening up and attacking for 90 minutes brings as many defeats as victories. Yes we have attacking threat but I'd argue that's more valuable away from home when playing a compact game. The attacking team have proven themselves capable of defending resolutely and then putting away the chances... except where they've failed to do so when handily placed in the 18yrd box (or from 12 yards).
  2. We should hit it as hard as we can towards the corner flag, theres not a keeper on earth would stand a chance of saving it then.
  3. Weren't we crying for Hutch back in midfield at the beginning of the season when he was picking up MotM award after MotM award at CB? The solution is two Hutchs, one could then break up play much further up the field... or alternatively just get Lees back fit and play the team that was making decent headway up the table prior to his injury.
  4. Brentford (a) - CC instructing Westwood to linger over a clearance, allowing them to score - 2pts Dropped Birmingham (a) - CC telling Nuhiu to strike the bar rather than score when handily placed 5yds out, also allowing them to counter and score - 3pts Dropped Cardiff (a) - CC setting us up to give away a free kick that never should have been from which Cardiff score - 2pts Dropped Derby (a) - CC instructing the ref to ignore a blatant handball, sending off and penalty against Derby at 0-0 - 3pts Dropped Fulham (a) - CCs insistence that Hooper hits the ball wide when one on one comes back to haunt us - 2pts Dropped Reading (a) - CC telling Joao to sit the keeper down and then hit it wide; CC also telling Lees to deflect their shot and wrong foot Westwood - 3pts Dropped Brighton (a) - CC had clearly told FF to hit the most woefully soft penalty imaginable - 1pt Dropped (arguably 3pts) Bristol City (a) - CC told Westwood to dive where the shot is going, as opposed to diving the other way in case it takes a massive deflection - 2pts Dropped Brentford (h) - CC instructing Fletcher to hit the post from two inches; CC also influencing the ref to make poor decisions and their keeper to play a blinder - 3pts Dropped Leeds (a) - CC instructing Loovens to play offside and Sasso to duck under the ball; CC also insistent that his new £10m striker take a penalty which is well saved - 3pts Dropped ...under any other manager we would be 24pts better off and 12pts clear at the top of the table... and that is just off the top of my head! Also why did CC think it was beneficial to drop Lees, Lee and Hooper for large chunks of the season? I don't profess to have the managerial nous to manage at even League One level but I can see that is a grave error of judgement... and to not even put them on the bench?!? Criminal. Sorry Carlos, time to go.
  5. I'm erect...
  6. I'm that excited I wish we were playing again today
  7. Continuing our recent run of scoring from outside the box. We've also got a +1 GD in terms of goals scored inside the six yard area having only scored one such goal in the first 25 games.
  8. Oh chuff... Now Villa crest has disappeared...!
  9. Not doing a this season v last season analysis... leave that to RyanSWFC
  10. I'm not classing it as a cross, it was more of a pass in my book
  12. One more cross than we've scored from...
  13. I'm classing that as a goal from a free kick, it's only a cross if its in open play (and it's only generally a cross if its from outside the width of the penalty area)
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't reckon we've got a foot on the end of a cross to score a goal this season... it also took us 20 games to score a headed goal from a cross in open play. We didn't score from a Free Kick until our penultimate game against Blackburn but have scored via that source two games in a row (lets hope we can make it three on Saturday). On the other hand, looking at goals conceded we don't concede from outside the area (freak deflection against Forest aside) and we don't allow the opposition to get their head on balls when its bouncing around inside the six yard box. Only once have we scored the same type of goal twice in a match whereas we have failed to learn our lesson and conceded similar goals in a single match two times.