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  1. Rather get t0ssed off by a crab.
  2. Bursitis. 1st and hopefully last time I have it. :-)
  3. 1st fixture I looked for pre season. 1st home game I've missed stuck in bloody hospital
  4. Not read while thread. Just wanting to make sure it's noted that on the day Dem Blades get promotion club legend Brian Deane is watching The Owls.
  5. Have we ever played well in this dogsh1t kit ?
  6. I think it's ideal we have these matches next.
  7. It never wasnt.
  8. Not necessarily.... When we were weeing about amongst the back 4 and Westwood, I was watching Rhodes , Winnall , Buckley and Reach .... they made so many runs waiting for something .... i cannot imagine how frustrating it is for them .. They never stopped..
  9. This. If we and Fulham win all our remaining matches , its a final day shoot out. It is still in our hands in that we are not yey relying on favours from other teams. Wherther we do it of course is another matter... The international break has come at a very opportune time... Get the injuries sorted .... get lasts nights match forgotten and start afresh ... We CAN do it ... but will we.. .
  10. I didnt understand why we did nothing to prevent those short goal kicks where their defenders basically pulled back to the byline. They did it all night and we didnt stop it and force the keeper to do something with it . We were happy for it to happen and let them play out of defence at their own pace. We closed nothing down except for a spell of 5 minutes early in 2nd half when i thought we'd cracked it ..
  11. Yep , said that before ... but its odd.. when the ball goes out of play he will sprint to retireve it and get it back on the 6 yard line.... and then proceed to take 45 seconds to kick it.
  12. Why is is only a second half offence ? They were timewasting in the 4th minute last night. If you are wasting time you should be booked whether its the 4th or the 84th minute. Although i thought there was a point last night where i thought we were going to get a booking for timewasting, it took so long to take a throw in.
  13. The team that destroyed Norwich 2 weeks ago ?
  14. Hopefully we use the break to recharge batteries. Get key players fit. We have to treat the remaining 8 games as cup finals. Theres no point sacking CC. We'd have no idea what reaction a new manager would bring. Look at Zola. I am as frustrated as everyone else tonight. We just couldn't put the ball in the net. The substitutions were questionable. The fight wasn't there. The quality was lacking. The ref was a tw8t. And Reading were timewasting from the 4th minute. And once , just once , id like Bannan to get the ball and his first instinct not to be to turn towards his own net.
  15. It will be raucous for the first 15 minutes..... if it goes quiet after that, it's because we are passing backwards and sideways... Happens almost every week.