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  1. Last time I checked aussieowl had 30k plus posts on there and only something like 4 k on here ? Maybe he could come out and say why he loves them so much eh?
  2. God are these threads still going ??
  3. Blue n white home All black away All yellow third
  4. Come on Wednesday hopefully get 3 points but there are no easy games. Not the best of record v wolves at Hillsborough but that record was smashes last time out !
  5. Is (was) there a fire drill?
  6. I still think he has a role to play or maybe I'm Clinging on to hope with that comment ..but he's a quality player and a player that I would've thought we built the team around but it not been the case. I just hope he don't sell him to a rival and have him come back to bite us .
  7. We played sinton though ...abdi just gets omitted even when there's a chance for him to come in's bizarre.
  8. Joao really is doing loads better then nuhiu tho isn't he ?
  9. I got laughed off football heaven for dearing to suggest that Carlos had handled the abdi situation in a rather weird and strange way ....we seemed to pull out all the stops to get him yet an out of form bannan and Lee was constantly undropable ...huge clanger by Carlos imo bcz had we got the best out of him I'm sure wed have a good few more points . Not sure what the future holds for him now .
  10. Not read the full Fred but no way would I chuck 11 plus mill and mega high wages at Jordan Rhodes when they are players scoring for fun below us like Danny graham, Sam winnall and tammy Abrahams altho he's a loan from Chelsea.
  11. Remember when we dropped to L1 for the first time, everyone thought we'd walk it more or less,.... ended up 17th! Newcastle and Villa will be eveyones cup final next year which could make it hard for them. Norwich might be a good tip for the title. Someone told me Derby faced an embargo so not sure on their status. Gunna be a good old battle regardless, looking forward to it actually. Poor Burton.
  12. Brighton used to get half decent crowds at the Goldstone Ground but nothing like they get at home today, someone mentioned to me that they also averaged the second highest away following in the division which I very much doubt but I haven't bothered to look. They get decent home gates yes but this is down to having their new shiny new home after being in the wilderness for years including travelling to Kent and using a 4k athletics stadium, but they should with the catchment area. Having said all that they still have tickets available for people tonight to watch the game at the Amex.
  13. Let the onslaught begin. Let the counter attack and pace kill them. Buzzing
  14. or completely rule them out of the final ?Doubt anyway would play a partly fit player when others are available even if they aren't as good .