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  1. Stockdale was even diving before he struck it . It was a poor pen
  2. I've plusses u now you can neg me
  3. I'd like Carlos to tell the players they can have a day off tomorrow then sit down in a room with his coaches and watch the game over and over just to see if something sinks in .
  4. Totally agree .
  5. We have a squad of very expensive players .
  6. Correct Steve... Okay the penalty miss was a bummer but how we went off after for me was a joke . Just sums it up so far .
  7. Carlos to blame for that ..played way too narrow for him to get any service out wide. Sometimes I wonder about much money has he had now ?
  8. Stupid post ....the op is bang on money . Wish he had not had singed him he's awful .
  9. Premiership experience on 40 k a week..missing decent chances not to mention that miss he made for Scotland lol. He's been a total flop let's all be honest.
  10. Big plus . Wish he was on pay as you play .
  11. Stalking me tonight you?
  12. Wish I was on 40k a week for doing ten minutes work then headbutting someone . Waste of fkin space ...get dave back !!
  13. 'We must win, after the penalty' Yes I agree in theory ..but first half played way too narrow hence why Sam winnall was absent . My gripe tonight is how negative we were and even allowed bha to come at us after they were down to ten men Lots of negatives for me least don't lose. Carlos .....
  14. You sound like a complete wker.