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  1. Maybe not but signing a strike force of Rhodes, Forestieri, Hooper, Fletcher & Winnall for a total of £16m is an absolute fekking steal.
  2. Ha ha, have you seen that bogey hanging off Bannan nose.
  3. If we win the play off trophy we'll need some Polish.
  4. The best way Zola could help us would be getting a coaching role at the sty.
  5. Derek Dooley I believe
  6. Can't see Jones or Hutch, centre midfield is going to be interesting.
  7. As I've previously said I'm a confirmed stripe fan & always will be. But as an aside our rivals up the M1 Leeds Utd actually played in blue & white stripes for the first few years. From then they played in various forms of blue & yellow until 1960 when they converted to all white in 1960. In a relatively short space of time they were winning the League, FA Cup & playing in European finals. Should similar success come or way (however unlikely) I wonder how much of a clamour we would still have to revert back to stripes.
  8. As an old git who's been watching the Owls since the late 50's I'm a stripes only man. They've been our tradition & identity for most of our existence. While I can understand DC saying he doesn't like stripes & ultimately it's his choice, I think it shows a lack of understanding of the symbolism & identity a kit gives to a particular club by it's fans & the football community in general.
  9. DC might be stubborn but he's not stupid. Give it a few years & when his non stripe shirt design sales start to dwindle he'll make the following statement. "I need to ensure that our great clubs traditions are continued when we move to our new stadium next season. By popular request the home team shirt will revert to blue & white stripes with black shorts." We'll say "All hail DC" & buy the shirts in droves.
  10. It certainly won't be easy if we go up Trev but given a choice of staying in the Championship or a play off final win at Wembley & swapping the likes of Rotherham, Burton & Wigan for Man Utd, Man City & Chelsea at Hillsborough I know which I'd go for. I'd much rather see a team set up to play by Conte, Guardiola or Mourinho than Warnock or McCarthy. Even if we were immediately relegated the Premiership monies & parachute payments would leave us in a much better position to get promoted again than we have been this season, plus we'd also be in a better position to consolidate in the Premier second time around. A bit like West Brom did.
  11. Norwich's ground only holds about 27,000. Take off away fan allocation of at least 2,000 they are left with only 25,000 seats for home fans. Not all these are sold as season tickets as a couple of thousand are held back so that fans who can't afford a season ticket or can't get to every match have a chance to attend matches. So if you're a Norwich fan & you want to attend most matches you've no choice but to apply for a season ticket. There's no such pressure on our fans to get a season ticket, though if SAG keep sticking their nose in there might be.
  12. My understanding was that the Wednesdayite car park land had been bought by Jaguar Estates & was going to be re-developed for retail purposes. DC was offered the land when he first bought us but wasn't interested. Going back to the OP my heart says stay at a redeveloped Hillsborough but my head says that a redeveloped Hillsborough on land with no scope to expand outwards won't maximise revenues & provide enough facilities or modern day requirements. Obviously a new stadium will cost more initially but if DC is here for the long haul & wants to hand over the club to his children then the extra revenues generated by a new stadium would be the way to go. How long would it take to redevelop Hillsborough, 3 to 4 years maybe. That's 3 to 4 years with a reduced ground capacity & Premier level incomes.
  13. You don't want Reach & Bannan together in the middle because they can't tackle but you'd put Wallace in there instead. I rate Wallace as a player & I think we're a better team with him in it but my 93 year old house bound mother-in-law has more chance of putting a tackle in than Wallace.
  14. Tom Lees for me, closely followed by Jack Hunt (finding his form at last). A special mention for Big Dave, a tremendous 15 minutes.
  15. I believe he did.