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  1. Sign him up, if only to play against the pigs.
  2. I don't think Huttons forward play has ever been an issue, he certainly has better end product than either Hunt or Palmer. Defensively i've always thought he was a nightmare.
  3. Wow, that's one hell of a gig. Very jealous.
  4. I think he'd be flapping at a few crosses.
  5. Defence would be full of holes though
  6. If Carlos manages to bring 2 centre backs in at least one of them should be better than Loovens & on a par or better than Lees if we are to improve. Loovens & the other new centre back recruit will then provide back up & competition plus Hutchinson. Lees has had a period out injured in the last 2 seasons & Loovens has had injuries. At some point in the season there will be a time where both first choice or one of the first choice & one of the back ups are unavailable or injured during a match. If we are looking at automatic promotion we can't afford to have a scenario where Semedo is partnering one of Loovens or Hutchinson. Semedo has been fantastic for us but the reason he was not given a new contract is that he can no longer provide the quality needed for a promotion push.
  7. Nuhiu Matias Joao Fox Palmer
  8. At last, somebody in the know.
  9. If this is true we'll be starting the season in a generic Lacatoni kit.
  10. Can't get much better than them for me.
  11. If we want to make the difference between a 4th place finish & automatic promotion we shouldn't be looking at players who are merely better than our back up player for any position. If we are looking at a right back then he needs to be better than Hunt then he becomes the new bank up.
  12. Gets my vote
  13. I suspect fake. As you say Chansiri is the wrong font, plus the badge & the Chansiri don't seem to follow the contours of the shirt like the Lacatoni logo. Having said that I'd be happy with those as our kits.
  14. I'd forgotten he was still with us.