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  1. btw does this mean it's a sondico kit next year since the winning design used sondico branding?
  2. Tom Lees is good enough for England apparently
  3. it was fun for you until you turned 18 maybe but most people don't stop liking things overnight!
  4. calm down pal, its just a bit of fun
  5. talking throughout history mate. Yeh they're getting 55k this year.
  6. ok, Di Canio
  7. Is the player as he is now or are we talking hypotheticlly, as in his heydey? because if it's the latter I can't see any of them doing a job, but Di Canio probably keeps himself in shape so i'd go with him.
  8. no 62
  9. thought this was gonna be about McGuinness
  10. I wouldn't regard that as having a pop