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  1. Thank god there isn't bonus points in football
  2. David Hirst can come to the moon
  3. will this be the camel that breaks the straws back for Hillsborough?
  4. unlucky pal always thought Leeds are a good club and deserve to be in the top flight with us
  5. I think Helan should get an honourable mention for retiring for the good of the club yes I think he will do much better in the premier league than he did last time next season
  6. Best player. Kieran Lee Most improved player. Jack Hunt. Best home performance. Newcastle Best away performance. Newcastle. Best away team. Brighton Best away player. Knockaert Best addition to the squad. David Jones
  7. when you watch him there, you see he is paid for nothing
  8. it's a good point, we certainly have a squad you would expect to be made favourites
  9. wow that is awkward comments @wednesdayok ??
  10. The 60s shirt is amazing that 2005-7 shirt was awful, as was that wandisco one best of recent times is the vw puma shirt
  11. I read Colins autobiography once and the Scarborough owner wanted to base them in Leeds and just travel to Scarborough for matches, so that they could attract more players. the town protested and they stayed in Scarborough. and now they don't exist. Go figure.
  12. New one year contract for Semedo Why can't our cyborgs cross? Rocket parking pathetic at Hillsborough
  13. went over my head that one, haha
  14. ??