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  1. Westwood Lees Hutch Loovens Hunt Lee McGugan (c) Reach Forestieri Rhodes Hooper
  2. I'd say we've already got the man we need Chansiri Now let's give Hillsborough a lick of paint instead
  3. isn't he? I think most Wednesday fans who watched him before his injury would say he's better than Kane
  4. No No and No I don't think it's an untouchable record by any stretch. To put it into context Harry Kane has already scored 92 FL goals, most in the PL
  5. Though a Wednesday legend 124 goals in the football league isn't the great tally ever don't get me wrong I think it's excellent but it could've been better with more luck Will young George do better?
  6. didn't they beat us twice when we finished 3rd in the top division?
  7. So do we not have any hard players with a good story as to why they're so hard?
  8. you reckon he's a wuss?
  9. go bump it then
  10. That guy was a bloody madman Apparently in one of Irvines rousing team talks Esajas got so heated up he headbutted Tudgay then headbutted the door and then ripped it practically off it's hinge. He didn't even realise what he had done and just went straight out on the pitch
  11. Sheff Utd's Billy Whitehurst is often cited as one of the 'hardest' footballers ever alongside the likes of 'Chopper Harris', Roy Keane, Vinnie Jones and Billy Bremner. Which players are up there as Wednesday's hardest ever players?
  12. this town aint big enough for the both of us
  13. initial reaction was to neg you for that