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  1. If you look at the teams that have been promoted playing 442 in last few seasons they tend to be very combative in CM and the pace, flair and goals come from wide players/up front. We seem to be the opposite of this. Carlos/whoever is directing recruitment has created a jigsaw that is proving difficult to piece together. Playing Bannan/Lee or Lee/Abdi in a midfield 2 against good sides isn't strong enough for me. Means we play very narrow and struggle to break quickly, hence our poor scoring record last season. So IMO we need to a) change the system to a midfield 3 (not the shoehorned version that CC did last season) or b) sign players capable of playing in a 442 (e,g power in CM and pace out wide.
  2. It is a bit of a shambles. Must have missed out on a huge chunk of cash because of the delay.
  3. Great post. Bang on
  4. We set up to defend pretty deep and keep things very tight, even at home. Anyone that's seen us play and also noticed our clean sheet record the last two season will recognise this. I don't mind that in itself. Where things breakdown for me is when we win the ball. We don't seem to have the pace and mobility to get up the pitch quick enough and with enough numbers. Yet, this isn't being addressed with recruitment.
  5. Interesting formation
  6. I think Wallace was told to come inside for a reason e.g to give us more protection in CM. I think you make some good points but just can't see CC playing AA in a conventional midfield 2, in which case where does he play him?
  7. Agree with this. Especially point about counter attacking. If we're going to set up defensively and sit deep we need to be able to break quickly and we simply don't have the pace to do it.
  8. Where does/should CC fit him in? Can he play CM in proper 442? Does signing of boyd help or hinder abdi?
  9. *ring ring, ring ring* "Hello" "Yeah hello, it's the 1970's. We want our tactics back"
  10. He was doing it against Huddersfield the last match he played. Think it was against smith- coming together, could have carried on but goes down, ref gives nothing, throws hands in the air, sits on floor for 30 seconds. Good player, questionable attitude is my personal opinion.
  11. FF could be a hell of a player if he turned up every week and got on with the job, stoped going down easily and moaning at the ref. Yes he sometimes gets the rough end of the stick in terms of treatment from defenders and decisions not given, but he's now managed to build a reputation as someone who goes down easily and is easy to wind up and it takes away from him as a player.
  12. Something like the stadium in Lille would be great on that site. Good location with established transport links and infrastructure.
  13. I hear ya. It's going to be another long slog next season for sure.
  14. I'm going to watch the game, hope Huddersfield win and acknowledge what they've achieved this season is incredible. On balance we didn't do enough to be there so I've accepted it and already looking forward to another crack at it next season.
  15. Gary Teale on speed