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  1. I apparently live in Germany and it accepted my Santander card fine
  2. Chrome and UBlock Origin is your friend. not a single add
  3. I bet my left nut he'll be in between the sticks come the first game of the season. In a Wednesday shirt.
  4. I think the bigger question is how many saddo's on here have just downloaded that video to have a look
  5. If they move the united game to the Friday night I'll be well pissed as I'm flying back that day. Clotilde be a case of bring the bags with me.
  6. Not sure about 352 either. Don't know why but I'm watching the Huddersfield game :( and when in possession we are basically playing that formation and it's not working. The main issue I can see is lees and glen and hutch drop and hunt and pudil push really high up to the half way line and stand their. No movement at all. This basically takes them out of the game as a passing option, and our build up play was none existent. If we do go 352 Carlos better get his tactic book out and learn how to do it.
  7. If he stays and I hope he does then he needs to play on the left. I just don't understand why cc kept playing him in a front 2. Yes he gives us energy but his directness is wasted up their.
  8. I'm not to sure, if you like look at our last few games lees at the back was basically forced to play a sort of quarter back role. Which for me was one of the main issues for our lack of goals. But largely down to tactics
  9. ignore me, being "special" was right at the top
  10. Just had a go at this using vpn and got as far as the payments page. Its asking for a billing address and the country selection doesn't include the UK. So whats people put for this ? :)
  11. Done it, had to switch browsers. How are people paying for this? Will they accept PayPal? An English bank account?
  12. Can't seen to see the subscription option to get live games. Only showing me the free and audio / highlights package. Using a VPN as well
  13. No from me, the players we sign now need to have that wow factor , no more squad players who we have to rotate weekly just to keep people happy.