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  1. and a beast of a CB, wanted this all preseason and we didn't manage it
  2. I think the one thing we can all agree on is that whoever we sign they need to be vastly superior to whoever currently plays in their position for us. We've had enough bench warmers and squad players this season, its time to start building a first 11.
  3. Better to have it then notut imo. But personally parked in their once last year with a wheelchair user, got told because we didn't have a yearly disabled pass we would have to park on the grass. Came back to the car in the dark and started to drive off only to realise our feet were covered in shitt and so was car floor. The drive back was very entertaining with us gagging due to the smell.
  4. Same as when we played them at home, backed off, let them bore you to death with the passing then hit then with a counter. Need to do a bit more when in possession, and need ff and Fletcher to hold the ball up more
  5. Not liking the lack of wide options on the bench
  6. going to be a crap sleep tonight
  7. we all ruling out ff as a striker?
  8. I thought he did very well today especially when he had Marco in front of him who didn't have a single clue regards positioning. Left him exposed the entire half.
  9. prefer a bit of Barbie girl myself
  10. Earlier this season and last season Carlos would have him straight back in but I think he's learned now to stick with a winning formular. That's one of the reasons ff is still on the bench.
  11. I'm confident this year that if we turn up we will do it. But it's still a lottery and anything can happen.
  12. Get it sorted CC, about time we wen't bad ass.
  13. I think we'll send in the 2nd string so to speak. Semi, wildsmith , macca, winall, fox etc
  14. Bring it on we're the hoodoo breakers at the moment