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  1. iFollow

    not likely. You might be able to contact them and upgrade to the £110 package.
  2. iFollow

    was perfect from me both half's apart from the sound constantly dropping... but just discovered that was me :( just had to restart the computer with my tv already on and it was fine.
  3. iFollow

    are you running any add blockers etc?
  4. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    Boyd for me has been shocking. Every pass from him has been a negative one. He's making potter look like Pogba. Based on this Wallace is 10x the player.
  5. iFollow

    tested the commentry one and similar on there
  6. iFollow

    anyones sound keep dropping on the video feed?
  7. Just started reading our review in the mirror. Did this guy go to the game? Bannan a 5
  8. Elev8

    I said this as soon as we released the shirts :) Also I bet these DTaxis are his as well
  9. Boyd

    Another strange signing, and virtually a squad player. We should be looking at players who are near 100% first team players and a cut above existing ones. At the moment we've basically shot ourselves in the foot with regards to ffp
  10. That's the lineup and formation he should have started with on sat.
  11. iFollow

    When I signed up pre season I used my santandare account and UK address no probs.
  12. Huge improvement

    The first 35 mins were a near repeat of Preston. He's managed to turn a 10 million pound finisher into a target man. Only after winnall came in did he revert to something similar to chesterfield and it started to click a little. The fact he started with similar setup to Preston means he wants pulling infront on DC and asked to explain himself.
  13. If they set out to play the same as Preston cc needs to go
  14. LED Boards

    we just need to strategically flash up images of players wife's getting rear ended by random wednesday players if they go through on goal. On a side note, they can do this but can't be arsed to send a couple of kids on minimum wage to paint over the Presto crap? get your priorities sorted FFS wednesday..... players wifes images first though.
  15. Keep Sam at RB

    Reason I say Lee at right back is if everyone's fit and you play the diamond, bannan will start, then you will have hutch playing Jones role. Then you have Wallace and FF making up the 4. Do you do drop Wallace ?? I agree Lee needs to be included and right wing back seems the best place without removing other vital players.