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  1. The pace from Hudderfield last night was scary. They have 5/6 players who can run at defenders, either through the middle, but especially down the wings. We have absolutely no pace at all! Slow, plodding, turgid and toothless. I am so livid at how we played last night. The Sky pundits nailed it last night. We have a squad of individuals and have to rely on their individual brilliance. There is no cohesion, no partnerships. It was dire.
  2. Why the hell did we take Fletcher off? He'd just scored, and we were taking control more and more. When he went off it completely removed our threat in the box. If he HAD to go off, I would've put Winnall on. It made absolutely no sense to me. Unless he was carrying an injury it was a ridiculous decision and imo cost us the game. Oh and Forestieri needs to go. He's not the player he once was and we don't need players that don't want to be here.
  3. We're playing pretty poorly at the moment. Making Huddersfield look far to good. Have we forgotten who we are and what type of football we play?