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  1. Nixon

    That boat has sailed it seems
  2. we do lack pace and our FBs are our weakest areas. With our slow start 3-6 will be expected
  3. Burton v Owls live overseas

    means "football" In Finnish End of todays lesson
  4. Sam Field

    tbf a move to Barnsley would probably be my choice. They do seem to develop them well and how but no choice to give them game time
  5. MoM player ratings etc

    tight as that bloke on the far side looks inline
  6. Rhodes to L**ds??

    Not as bad as Hooper's miss yesterday
  7. Team for Bolton

    get Hirst on the bench
  8. Bannan and Jones

    Think we're there now tbh
  9. Daniel Pudil

    Glad he won't be facing Wood anytime soon
  10. Bannan and Jones

    I'm not sure there is a starting place for Sam in our team. Great sub option for the last 15 mins / backup
  11. Daniel Pudil

    Said same earlier, when he has to face more direct teams it might be a struggle.
  12. Daniel Pudil

    Apologies also Pudil. You have been excellent
  13. Sam Winnall

    seems Sam is difficult to manage. Allegedly thats 3 clubs in a row where there has been "issues"
  14. Sam Winnall

    Gotta be Rhodes and either Joao/winnall on the bench for me.
  15. Sam Winnall

    Might bring him down a peg or two *allegedly