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  1. most overseas companies dont really care if people are using via a VPN, more revenue for them
  2. no but all EU players will be tied to the same restrictions.
  3. It does impact players though . Who was that guy we wanted to sign from Leeds but couldn't get a work permit? Really wasn't a Carlos out debate. Just trying to discuss something else rather than made up transfer rumours
  4. That goalie fee though last week
  5. Following on from politics thread re proposed brexit rule re 5 years wonder what will happen to our Carlos? Reason Boro went for Monk etc? Reason UK born player fees are getting out of control?
  6. Didn't they turn down 4m for Ward in January?
  7. When does the Rhodes deal become permanent if it goes ahead?
  8. because we spent a fortune last season on wages would be my guess. All those released will have been on the lower end of the scale Reports of a 100k a week for Terry is mental for the Championship
  9. wondering if we cant afford the wages of the top players available this summer?
  10. can pick out a pass. Thats expected from any PL player these days. Hence why Lees is fantastic for us but never gets the PL call (yet)
  11. Tammy Abraham would have been better
  12. Yes, you only have to look at the team which went on the end of season run to see it was more or less the seasons before team plus a couple. From a business point of view the return on investment was disastrous
  13. always been decent, just some people wont / wouldn't admit it even though hes an owl but played for them lot
  14. well if that's the case, keep. No point selling decent players for a loss