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  1. Two quality wing backs and a beast of a CB will do.
  2. 1 and 2 = meh but #3 please no. Think an upgraded CB (with vision) or Hutch will solve this problem roll on next season now
  3. good news day for SWFC, save the anger for the derby and lets DESTROY them on the pitch
  4. Surely he isn't Porto level yet? Needs PL experience for that gig you would think
  5. IF Carlos was to leave (not bothered either way tbh) then we are all a bit presumptuous we could persuade Jokanovic to come here, especially from a London team
  6. Linked with PL teams though unfortunately
  7. OT has become a bit catty as of late with people getting aggressive if their opinion differs from others. It used to be fun on here but it's gotten all a bit too serious on the match day board
  8. Gosh, time flies
  9. Ha, probably after brexit that will be reality
  10. I can still mentally see that dive. Whole of kop was laughing their nuts off. Didn't jemson score two against Man Utd one Xmas?
  11. Watson or West or Jemson ... they were the days
  12. Imagine if we had played like Fulham with Rhodes up front smashing in the cut backs.... drool