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  1. View from my seat. image hosting free
  2. #SWFC starting XI v Ipswich: Westwood, Hunt, Lees, Loovens, Pudil, Wallace, Lee, Bannan, Reach, Hooper, Fletcher. #WAWAW
  3. Ha. None of the pictures are mine or of me. Just what I've seen on Twitter.
  4. Me + 1 in the car. Should be getting there for 12.
  5. His baby was born on Easter Sunday. Fair play to him for travelling with the squad to London that day and playing his part at QPR.
  6. Not me mate. It was Derby who received an initial allocation of 1,700 but they only took 1,600 in the end. Fulham sold out their allocation of 3,200 today.
  7. Last batches were sent on Friday so they should probably arrive tomorrow or Tuesday.