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  1. Because the people on the waiting list all requested season tickets before the deadline but were made to wait by the ticket office.
  2. As Zico said, the last batch went out on Thursday.
  3. They might, but I just doubt it at this stage.
  4. Wouldn't like to say mate. Last 3 away games have sold out in the fourth part of sales. London games are also routinely popular.
  5. That is the 'full' upper tier allocation. Home sales not going as well as expected so no Wednesday will be in the lower tier. Doubt they will get any in the bottom either.
  6. My gold seats were done today. Hopefully I'm near the front of the upper tier.
  7. Could/should be a little over 3,200 so I was hedging my bets.
  8. Good chance we'll get around 3,100
  9. Should be announced tomorrow.
  10. And after they have just been relegated by Fulham.
  11. You could be right. We've had more from them in the past.
  12. Get one?
  13. 400 left which will go this afternoon so be quick.
  14. Over 1,600 now I think.
  15. Good point. They used some on me to do that after surgery on my kneecap.