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  1. This season it's £75 for tickets to be posted or £45 if you're going to collect. Then £25 per away season ticket holder added to the account. So for an example it's a total of £100 for mine and my Dad's tickets to be posted out this season.
  2. Keep an eye here - Info here -
  3. I can definitely help you out with one maybe two for Fulham, Andy. Less likely with Burton. PM me big boy xoxo
  4. I thought it was actually the clubs who requested that. Reason being these fixtures pull in big crowds on their own and don't need to be derbies as they'll be big crowds whenever.
  5. Here you go mate.
  6. Next week.
  7. I see Leicester have released Michael Cain...not a lot of people know that.
  8. Nice one Sincey and now you're on the mend, you'll be watching all 10 of those years in the Prem.
  9. Only with Feb 29th on your birth certificate.
  10. I wouldn't risk printing a new one. If someone picks yours up and uses it first then you won't get in. You really should cancel it and get a new one.
  11. Contact the ticket office who will cancel that ticket and supply you with a new one.
  12. Injured in training the week before Fulham.
  13. Got a busy morning of work and then leaving Portsmouth at 12. Straight back after and in work for 0730 on Thursday
  14. Yes please for @jambler. PM sent.