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  1. I'd definitley slide into her with my tackle.
  2. Just had a tenner on 2-2 and watching bet 365 footy manager style. Living the dream this Saturday night!
  3. Nah, it'll be too confusing as Semedo will be playing at centre back.
  4. My thoughts too. I've said for a while, as much as I like the bloke he just seems to have that something missing to take us that step further. First season, no pressure at all, nothing to lose. Yet when the expectation and pressure is cranked up its clear he crumbles, which is reflected in his style of play. Hopefully this season he'll get it right, third time lucky.
  5. I went for the short shorts with clubbed feet look... with a beer belly fit shirt. None of this tight fit b0llocks.
  6. #hoopedsocks
  7. That Chansin needs to pull his finger out and gi' is a new CB and make sure that Noohoo starts every game, he plays, we win.
  8. Or some bored bloke on his phone throwing it off on a Friday.
  9. Ffs!!! Sick of this! 90 pages of moaning like spoilt little kids! Here, that's our kit. ITK.
  10. Aye, you seem to be in a bit of a mess tbh, can't see you doing anything other than mid table. Shame really, always liked your club, proper set of fans too. As mentioned above, at a push you can have our top international striker Nuhiu... he's errrm reyt good... Hopefully you're right, the potential in our squad is fantastic but it's down to our tactics and management to get the best out of them, which just didn't happen last season, way too negative. Personally I'd take play offs again but we really should be giving top 2 a go, like you said it seems wide open this year. Can definitley see Wolves, Brum, Villa and Hull challenging for the top 2 spots.
  11. The sign of all quality centre backs... How I miss the days of blue and white stripes and a big yellow chuppa chups logo plastered on the front... and the sight of Kuqi doing that chest flop/dive thing.
  12. Haha good shout, probably followed by Burger King via McDonalds. I don't think Jacamo existed back then tbh.
  13. Years and years ago I worked in Meadowhell... Use to see big Kev Pressman all the time. Presser was a regular shopper at the store I worked at, but it was more to hang around with me really cos I was so cool back then, we were dead close proper good mates. We had nicknames and everything for each other... he use to call me Adam cos that's what my badge on my shirt said... I'd lost mine so wore a random one, but it was a long running joke. You had to be there really. This one time I said "Ey up" and he smiled at me...
  14. Ahhh, see what you mean! F00k me today's going slow... just been sat here flicking up and down to see what you meant.
  15. And over there, there's broken bones There's only music, so that there's new ringtones And it don't take no Sherlock Holmes To see it's a little different around here... Sorry, couldn't help myself.