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  1. I am interested in this turnstyel. It sounds like a real life turnstile but with a West Country accent.
  2. Don't worry mate, they've got a note of your number now. They won't be ringing back.
  3. Cannot be sentimental here. Both have contributed little over the past 2 seasons and if there is a way we can get rid then we should. I will give you the superb goal at Leeds from Matias.
  4. Christ, I bet they were glad to get off the phone.
  5. No you're right. He is miles better than both of them.
  6. I'm not even convinced Boro will challenge for the top 2. They were dire in the Premier League. I know things can change with new signings etc but I can see them doing Villa and struggling.
  7. Why, are you feeling unwell?
  8. Shambolic?
  9. Wait until Sky get their hands on it. There will be multiple changes to days and times.
  10. Not as surprised as I was when he tried to pull it off in that YouTube vid!
  11. Massive Owlstalk outrage over an old retired bloke quietly venting his spleen in The Star. You couldn't make it up.
  12. FF was far and away our best player last season and to be fair, he has shown glimpses of that this season. Unfortunately for us, not consistently enough. Whether this is down to Norwichgate, being played out of position at times, injuries, or him just throwing his toys out of the pram because he wanted a wage rise, we will never know. He tries hard but on Wednesday night he cut a frustrated figure for me, nothing was coming off for him. Then the bottom lip comes out. Mardy, talented, annoying, gifted, mercurial. All of these could be used to describe FF this season. One of our better players for sure, just a shame that he hasn't shown it as often as last season. I think he might be the sacrificial lamb in the close season.
  13. It didn't look like any of our players wanted to take a penalty!
  14. Unbelievable.