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  1. FF was far and away our best player last season and to be fair, he has shown glimpses of that this season. Unfortunately for us, not consistently enough. Whether this is down to Norwichgate, being played out of position at times, injuries, or him just throwing his toys out of the pram because he wanted a wage rise, we will never know. He tries hard but on Wednesday night he cut a frustrated figure for me, nothing was coming off for him. Then the bottom lip comes out. Mardy, talented, annoying, gifted, mercurial. All of these could be used to describe FF this season. One of our better players for sure, just a shame that he hasn't shown it as often as last season. I think he might be the sacrificial lamb in the close season.
  2. It didn't look like any of our players wanted to take a penalty!
  3. Unbelievable.
  4. Another thread from SirCharĺesknobhead slagging off one of our players. I smell bacon.
  5. I don't think we can start blaming FF for what happened today. Tried hard, most of it didn't come off. Crap penalty. Cut a frustrated figure a lot of the time.
  6. I've heard they're opening up the 'in the river' parking down below as well. Also free but unfortunately no charity cash. And your car might get a bit wet.
  7. Bit disappointing this thread. There is a car park, run by volunteers. It is 20 yards from the ground. If you wish to park there, it will cost you £7, but other options are available. You don't have to park there if you don't want. A decent amount of cash is raised for charity. I really don't see what issues people have with this concept.
  8. They're still unbeaten though.
  9. Most random bump of an old thread ever?
  10. It's clearly never been stress/load tested properly otherwise it would be able to handle the volumes logging on at the same time.
  11. Not been here long enough. It's a no from me. Pressman should have been given a testimonial though.
  12. He might need some Viagra.
  13. I find him slightly frustrating if I'm honest. Does some good stuff with the ball but then lets himself down in other situations. Especially in the tackle. But he does have a great engine.
  14. Last time we won 5 in a row was 9 years ago. It's very difficult to do that in this league so it has been a fantastic effort from the team. Helped by the return of our better players.
  15. He had an ice pack on his leg after he was subbed. Hopefully just a precaution.