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  1. It's a long meeting, they've already had two cups of coffee.
  2. There's no doubt he's done fantastically well this season, but managing Wednesday is a total different kettle of fish to managing Barnsley. We could be doing with more English managers in the game so hope he continues doing well, but at the moment I very much doubt he could gain the respect of a group of players all far richer than him,
  3. The last manager we appointed after one good season at Barnsley didn't go too well, not sure you've thought this through.
  4. I'm not that fussed either, but in reality if we don't go up soon we'll be in a financial shitcreek without a paddle.
  5. I actually thought CC brought Atdhe on for his pen taking prowess, because it just didn't make sense him coming on instead of Winnall. But I was wrong.
  6. I'm actually glad we didn't have it last season.
  7. Can you imagine what we could have been like with this team and less negativity.......we'd have been champions by March.......probably.
  8. Here for me lies the problem this season, Carlos over thought it imo, The negative tactics shackled the players, mentally they weren't attack minded anymore and it became difficult for them to change gear when it was needed.
  9. The team's had it's mojo kicked out of it by negative tactics, difficult to get that back once it sets in, so upping our game wasn't an easy option.
  10. Take a bow, lmc.........a cracking post that.
  11. Loved that....ta for posting.
  12. No, he's German.
  13. *waves to Malcolm*
  14. Happy birthday for tmoz, Nev........I also cried my first footy tears after that final.
  15. I thought we played great away at Brighton last year, the first half might have been frenetic, but we kept them out(mostly) and created chances. Plus Udders are no Brighton, so reckon if we played like we did last season we could have gotten a win today.