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  1. If we don't win we can forget about automatic promotion this season. *in loving memory of big guns*
  2. Wish you hadn't mentioned that, it still makes my blood boil, that tackle was equal only to Keane's on Haaland. Siggi was giving Souness the run around and he took him out the game. it broke my heart and I hate Souness with a passion for it. Siggi was a favourite of mine at the time, he was going to be a big star but for that wan ker.
  3. He's almost the same age as me and my youngest is 20. But yes, I get your point, maybe a grandson?......not the commonest of names.
  4. With a goal every 7 minutes, there's still time for 4 more.
  5. 5-1 now
  6. you let me down, malek ffs.
  7. Was just going to ask the same question. just noticed malek replied, guess he'll know.......excited to find out.
  8. Chuffed for him, hope his family were there to witness what was actually a very creditable performance, yes they lost, but Iceland proved in the euros they're a decent team. . Whatever you might think of his footballing ability, he's an honest lad and gives his all when given a chance. Well done Atdhe.
  9. There were no football games bar Subbuteo when I was 18, really enjoy playing them and beating younguns at their own game at 61. I'll 'misspend' my life however I wish, Jack.
  10. ''Clegg, a famous local sportsman, chairman of the Sheffield FA and also chairman of Sheffield Wednesday was thus credited with bringing the Blades into existence and later went on to become Chairman and later President of the English FA.'' The similarities with Richards is quite interesting,(by interesting I mean tw@ish).......Clegg became chairman of the FA the year after forming the pigs, history seems to have repeated itself.
  11. I'll vote, but it's under duress.
  12. Wonder if we can get Helan back on a pray as you play deal?
  13. We do seem to have wasted a huge wedge, none of the players we've brought in to improve us have actually improved us.....or summat.
  14. True, but playing in the prem with no strength or speed would be even less fun.