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  1. Bizarre how he's managed to call that offside! Absolutely easy call
  2. The fact he never managed to beat a player all season and not even attempt to take anyone on despite claiming to be a winger is pretty justifiable criticism Big season for him if he's going to make anything of himself here. Good start to pre-season at least
  3. and hammer the pitch before the season has even started?
  4. He looked like that every season with us so far, yet he's still turned out to be our most consistent creative outlet. For what lack of pace he has, it still makes me laugh the defenders always falling for his fake crosses to cut back on to his other foot
  5. FF

    Yes but that still won't shut the moaners up
  6. Didn't the 5-1 victory against Norwich please you either?
  7. Newcastle Jog on joker
  8. Tbf, when he did play he actually looked like he could do a job for us. Unfortunately, just hasn't worked out for him in the whole. Good luck
  9. Would be a good move. Absolutely no chance breaking in to the first team currently and needs proper games under his belt
  10. Seriously, people actually want Downing!?!?! Jesus wept! I'd rather have Reach, and that's chuffin saying something!
  11. Before negotiations for Westwood begin, we should be discussing about getting a refund on Reach and be reimbursed for all damages
  12. Can't decide whether he's a defender or striker now after watching that
  13. Was about to post exactly the same thing! I must be missing something with him surely!?
  14. A career average of 2 games per goal Yeah, clearly a dud
  15. Whenever Nuhiu has come on this season he's changed the game. He's something different to the others and worthy of staying Joao can go for me, and Forestieri to be used as a winger