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  1. Genuinely not bothered where in the top 6 we finish. If we don't win the final then it's all pointless anyway. We proved last season we can win with the 2nd leg being away
  2. Must admit I've not got any nails left to bite so a rest would be nice Haven't a clue how I'm going to endure another play off final should we make it!
  3. You just know we'll be secured by end of Saturday and Fulham game will end up being extremely boring
  4. I fly on holiday on the Tuesday morning There will be some bubbly ordered for the flight should we win promotion (after a frantic dash home after the match)!
  5. And against QPR he was very unfortunate to score with his header with Pudil scoring the rebound instead OP (and others) making something out of nothing. He's not a pacey striker and thrives on crosses in the box and is always looking for someone to play him behind but no-one ever sees him, neither which we as a side do very well. As someone else also said, we soon reverted to leaving him up top on his own, which again isn't suited for him Model professional though
  6. Yoann Folly plays Sunday League in Sheffield, got a mate who plays with him. Apparently he's easily the best player each week but just surrounded with rubbish players!
  7. The big stars clearly refuse to go to Man Utd / Man City
  8. I'm all for praising Fletcher, but come on, anyone could see that on Friday he didn't contribute anything
  9. Funny seeing the outrage here The statement is actually true. Anyone who sits on the kop will remember the TV they had their earlier in the season near the kiosks which was inbetween the steps in to the seating area and the slope to exit. Absolute nightmare getting past on there because everyone congregated to watch the TV They just need to find decent positions for them middle of the main walkway is not a good position!
  10. Derby are 7 points behind 6th, with 18 points still to play for...Anyone writing them off already are fools All to play for down to 11th IMO
  11. They are 3 very tough home games for us!
  12. Crikey! Swear I remember him posting literally a few days ago! Very sad news. Didn't know him personally but definitely a poster people will remember on here RIP
  13. Yeah...probably the fact we've got our entire first choice midfield, best striker and both centre halves injured / playing with injuries It's a no from me. We did enough last night to get something out of the game. Their keeper had a blinder, and luck was on their side with every misplaced pass / deflection always reaching their players. We desperately need Fernando, Hooper, Hutchinson, and Wallace back from this international break.
  14. Are you sure Matias is training with the squad? It was before Xmas when Carlos said he was 2 weeks away from returning It is rather worrying so many injuries to key players. The club also have started becoming rather quiet on the matter which makes me think the injuries are actually worse than we think
  15. Absolutely dominated the game. Only poor thing was the final ball at times