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  1. A career average of 2 games per goal Yeah, clearly a dud
  2. Whenever Nuhiu has come on this season he's changed the game. He's something different to the others and worthy of staying Joao can go for me, and Forestieri to be used as a winger
  3. Semedo!! Nooooooooooooo Surprised at Sasso too. We are definitely CB shopping this summer then!
  4. Don't like it. Never been a fan of generic sites. Wouldn't cost much to get someone to design our own. Could probably even get fans together to do it!
  5. Not really. You'd expect 2 of those to be wingers so that's already nearly half the list gone.
  6. Risk avoiding tactics used twice!? First season with him was the most exciting football at Hillsborough for many many many years
  7. The reason Fernando was "stepping on his toes", was because he was having to do the job Reach obviously isn't capable of doing. He's never looked a good player. He can't tackle, he can't track a man, he can't cross, he can't dribble, he can't beat a man. A couple of games ago, Nuhiu came on with 5 minutes to spare, and even he managed to beat more men than what Reach did in an entire season!
  8. Genuinely feel sick
  9. Laughable isn't it
  10. Phil Jones!?!?!?! If that's us increasing our standards, then god help us if we go up!
  11. We obviously have different opinions on what "very poor" means
  12. Genuinely not bothered where in the top 6 we finish. If we don't win the final then it's all pointless anyway. We proved last season we can win with the 2nd leg being away
  13. Must admit I've not got any nails left to bite so a rest would be nice Haven't a clue how I'm going to endure another play off final should we make it!
  14. You just know we'll be secured by end of Saturday and Fulham game will end up being extremely boring
  15. I fly on holiday on the Tuesday morning There will be some bubbly ordered for the flight should we win promotion (after a frantic dash home after the match)!