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  1. nugent wont leave boro surely, not after helping them get promoted. he's only ben there 5 minutes.
  2. The website is awful for actually trying to buy one. In fact it's just awful. coded by a blade probably.
  3. agreed. he'd be off straight away.
  4. i think he needs to be fitter. still looks a little paunchy.
  5. It's like 3 or 4 digs you're having. just leave it out, i don't see the point. it's just very negative. As for wallace, he's got a peach of a left foot. May as well have a wooden leg for his right. A better right footed, right winger will do better than wallace on the right.
  6. i just never want to see ross wallace on the right wing again. Leave it out, getting a bit silly now. No point continuously aiming spite at a new poster.
  7. 30s before he hit i said to my sister "this has got extra time written all over it" Not sure what expletive she called me.
  8. I think Dunk is absolutely class, he will definitely be a premier league footballer soon enough. And he's much better than Loovens.
  9. I always wonder what people are like off the forum who go around calling other members 'morons' for such a simple post. I agree with your points by the way, namely about Hirst, but don't see that the OP is moronic.
  10. Definitely clutching at straws with this one.
  11. It doesnt really work like that though. Hull are clear favourites with the neutral and the bookies. They took more points overall this season and as someone mentioned they have individual players worth more than our starting 11. I think we have a real chance of winning, due to the style of football we can play, when we open up against any team through the middle, as we did against cardiff we are unplayable. But we've also suffered from consistency issues and we've also been bullied by bigger teams too. We are beatable, but so are Hull. If anyone think we've just got to turn up and we'll win they havent watched the championship this season. We're underdogs tomorrow, the widest odds of all teams playing in the play offs this weekend to win. But being a wednesday fan means going and showing support no matter what. even if expected us to get hammered 6-0 tomorrow i would still be going and i would still be cheering the players on until the end. My prediction Hull 6 - 0 SWFC.... Jokes we'll win on penalties after a 0-0 draw. We've got better characters for the pens than they have.
  12. the fan zone was great at the everton vs man utd semi final. some good street food vans and beer vans too, as well as the food places next to wembley such as wagamama, nandos. pizza express, pret etc. it might not look great but slating it before you've even been is a bit daft. it makes for a good atmosphere outside the ground as they've actually put some thought in to keeping the crowd entertained before the game.
  13. I hope you found your testicles and just asked the guys in front to sit down.