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  1. I know it's only a small section of transfer speculation in a paper but I can't imagine "owls interested in lichaj" being national news worthy
  2. Dream - ritchie Good - mbemba or yedlin Likely - Hanley I went for potential Newcastle fringe players edition...
  3. When we were 1 down to hull last year and we needed someone to get us closer to their goal we put on Jeremy helan. Mcmanaman is no world beater and we don't start games with 3 up top, but he's an excellent plan b as he's a completely different wide man to reach and Wallace or bannan and lee. We need that pace option on the bench
  4. They'll probably bring in a cm like jedinak and play him with the kid from reading. Amavi will come back in at some point and the front 2 won't be that ineffectual you wouldn't have thought as McCormack gets fitter. Best time to play them really. Would have taken the point but over the moon with 3!