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  1. They sell beer and wine in plastic bottles in same way as they sell bottles of coke, they just take the tops of so you cant use em as missiles. Its 15 minutes at 3:45 that they need to maximize, as others have said the cash they are missing from this is ridiculous on 23+ days/nights a season. Its not like its a new phenomena, they surely know how many they sell in that 'window' so make sure its done efficiently. A bit of A4 paper saying 'express lane' means bugger all to the typical lairy football supporter, not everyone follows the twitterfeed, and even that didnt really say owt.
  2. Its right it still needs refining. They can do it at festivals so why not put something in place so it can happen every other saturday. Cant they have people just pouring pints, and servers serve. its not like theres a massive choice and dedicate lanes to beer only. They must know the ratio of pints to food. Only people who get served leave at 40 mins. Its ridiculous
  3. Udders game plan was clearly to launch it over his head into the corner at every opportunity what with Warner waving his arms to lob it forward and I admit he struggled. Again I think ppl are expecting him to be Messi and he's not so they label him Messy. It's unfair, because his workrate is excellent and stats rarely lie, but you can't explain that to a fool.
  4. Thought that he went down a little softly in first half and the udders took exception to this. Thought it might rile him assuming he knows the English word for turkey choking. Fair play tho it was one of those games you didn't want to end. I'm sure this is a big confidence booster.
  5. Drop reach on your ma
  6. I thinking the goal and the red changed the game. Thought Winnall was class tho. Did you see the way who pulled down that kick out from Westwood on his foot. Sublime. Enjoyed that last 40 mins
  7. As I say. Not taking ANYTHING off the win. Had a great view for The Roscoe Screamer. He was proper angrymad tho. Funny thing Is the water bottle was in a holder and didn't move so probably hurt our beloved Portuguese Man O War. I fear for Mr CC's DM's being scuffed.
  8. Not directly after goal i mran but udders had a chance and it clearly insensed him.
  9. was after the first goal. He was going livid at nando waving his arms and screaming. Nando then spoke to bannon, it seemed to solve it then CC turned round and kicked the drinks bottle. Surprised it's not been mentioned. Not bringing owt into it wondering if other thread is related but he went apeshiiit for a minute and It surprised me how angry he was.
  10. I wonder if he's been after him all along hence we didn't have an 11 in squad.
  11. Number 11 Clever
  12. Do you leave 5 minutes early as well?
  13. Nearly at the airport. 3 points today please to end Huddersfields unbeaten run since 1498. I reckon we will play 7 strikers today and win 2-0
  14. Has his wife or other relative been advised to go into hiding on twitter for saturdays at 5 o clock when the nutjobs get on.