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  1. Not that amazing when you consider Hulls fans all fitted in a 6 seater minibus.
  2. just noticed the poxy hotel have charged me today even tho i cancelled in time. be warned
  3. I presume its part of the fact Sky SPorts are in 'UK and Ireland' so the same restriction applies. I emailed them on the same question but no reply as yet. Separately ive just subscribed to a different Neulion player, its they who will be providing this service. Its allowed in my country but not in certain other countries. Ive been messing about with it and when i switch VPN using Tunnelbear to a country its not allowed in it doesnt work. But if I switch to a country its allowed it works fine.
  4. **** your mitsubishi, hes a horse outside :)
  5. went past that stadium yesterday evening wearing an owls top. must be related.
  6. just voted, can you let Milan know
  7. ooooooh Bettis
  8. my bad, thought i saw something official-ish. realise i didnt now. Owlstalking in between work Still classy is my Wednesday.
  9. What does your good mate say now then you prïck?
  10. did you give him a cut and blow job?
  11. 0-0 not surprising really, I bet they put up a massive wall
  12. agreed on Wood. collectively we have good players but L**ds have one player(and omne only) whos done far more than any one player.
  13. the question is whether their GUI can determine masked IPs