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  2. Number 9 as well?
  4. yes...this is the EFL
  5. Well yes because only Overseas people can avail of the service as part of the contract. So you will have Player style commentary for people in the UK lts say £50 a year, then live matches plus audio im guessing double that £100 a season or £30/£60. If youre in the UK and you buy the video option, my guess is they will try to restrict you from accessing it somehow, and also preventing masked VPN access.
  6. 1500 games live across the EFL. My guess is this Ifollow will be more expensive. Digitally Broadcast Games will be awesome but lets see what the cost is
  7. @Houston Steve
  9. End of season 9 years ago. Stuff of nightmares.
  10. He had to get home for his favourite show the X factor so left in 85th minute. Does it matter? Bit stalkerish.
  11. Is that really a big screen or just someones xbox set up they left on the pitch?
  12. ' i see doubting people'
  13. Were these the dark days of the dreaded 6th place. Such shame was cast upon us all. Truly dark days.
  14. try Hola on chrome