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  1. But the audio and video are being provided completely separately hence the problems they are having synchronizing the two during a 'stream'. My gut reaction is they didn't plan it hence they are poorly prepared. Now is the time to sell their product but I don't see any roll out or media on it.
  2. well i imagine theres different apps for video and audio. Imagine the audio will come through the Football League app or club website and video will be through standalone app. The OP wasnt specific if they meant audio or video.
  3. WaR
  4. that generally means it wont be available. they have to push it to all the foreign app stores as it wont be available in the UK app store. never gonna happen in 2 weeks.
  5. yous lags
  6. never heard that but then ive never been on an inter city owl (coach)
  7. Not sure maybe ill check Portimonensetalk
  8. quoting things people are supposed to have said with no basis isnt nice either
  9. speaking of clowns with no facts. . . . . . .
  10. sorry i tend to rely on providing known facts. some people tend to make the problem worse before you know it we'd be back to the 'bleedin chansiri wil have us playin in red' clowns
  11. probably because he didnt say it