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  1. and please god no voting for Terry Henfleet you lot.
  2. But they have the power to eject if you refuse to comply.
  3. I agree, ive had some great zoom photos with a bridge camera. You can see the pixellation though on the 'digital' zoom that stretches the second image. With a 10 grand 600 mill lens you would get a lot more sharpness hence the plane/motorsport spotter has one.
  4. Most entertainment venues allow it but tell you if the lens is over a few inches they will tell you you cant use it. Its to prevent you using the photos commercially or from sticking a 400mm tele in another paying customers earhole....insert tail size joke here.
  5. Choose a stupid accent, Choose booing the opposition keeper as he tries to burst a balloon, Choose cringey walk out music, Choose going back to work when your colleagues are on strike, Choose losing, Choose Forest.
  6. I think i hooked one
  7. I definitely didnt see him shake anyones hand. Must be on his way out.
  8. at spelling?
  9. Really is it such a big deal? Its an initiation, a ritual, an ice breaker, whatever. Football is about money,ego's, tantrums. This is a bit of fun. I dont like the fact X factor/voice/singalingathon cráp is on tv every saturday, i dont sit and watch it and complain about it tho. As to who upped it, its probably Bullen or someone who is excited(as an Owl as we all are) about seeing Jordan Rhodes in the blue and white and they are going to milk every bit of PR and why not. After the story about the Boro kid this week its nice to see someone act like that. They are just trying to make the team more accessible to the fans via social media and we seem to have an issue with it. Maybe we need some more 'Do we drop X or Y this week' threads (after winning last 3 games)
  10. You need to get out more
  11. you are insane
  12. You ever worked in a team, its called 'team bonding' or an 'ice breaker'. Helps people who need to get on with each other. Theres no 'I' in rétard but theres U
  13. Not sure. I think ill sleep on it.
  14. i was hoping for some GIFs like the Leeds ones a few years ago. Owlstalk youve disappointed me :)