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  1. Fine margins two years on the bounce. A wonder strike from Diame & penalties deciding our fate. we have not got a divine right to outplay very good teams who are obviously just a good as us based on final league positions. on another day it might have gone in our favour and we would all be happy (just like everyone was when Fletcher scored and for the next 15-20 mins) We can over analyise if we want, but small margins is the difference most of the time in these tense , big games
  2. I must have dreamt it as I got 4 negs, For something I saw with my own eyes. He gave his t shirt to someone at the front of the kop, I watched him walk back onto the pitch and he definitely was limping. no one wants him to be fit more than me, but I would be surprised if we saw him start any of the playoff games.
  3. Looked to be limping around the pitch after the game.
  4. Sky sports news will be showing every championship goal as they go in so that will do for me today.
  5. I like Adam Reach. Good teams needs a player with that work ethic who can get up and down the pitch all day. A player who can cover any position down the left is priceless too and solves a big issue. yesterday I thought he was pretty poor until Forestieri came on (about 65 mins ?) he all of a sudden found more space to run into. Maybe his fitness levels were better than Cardiffs players and gave him that edge in the closing stages.
  6. There was very little space to create anything. other than a sloppy spell first 10 mins of 2nd half I thought we did pretty much all we could to try and break them down. what really let us down tonight was the crossing. It wasn't till Reach came on (the lad who is turning into a typical Wednesday boo boy) he put 3 great balls over that caused mayhem in there defence. seen far worse and won this season.
  7. I thought Jones got the sack the same week we bought Loovens. probably wrong
  8. I'm still puzzled that out style of play last season wasn't good enough to continue with this season. after the first 10 games or so when the team where gelling our form must have been as good as any other. Do we really need to play like this to have a sniff of winning a one off play off final game ? Or could we win the playoffs by playing some football creating Rhodes with 3-4 good chances that hopefully he would convert 1 or 2.
  9. What's our record with Sasso starting this season ?
  10. The boys dad was trying to pinch Sassos pants did anyone see this ?
  11. Very happy with league position and winning ugly. However I'm concerned how slow we move the ball, quality of passing and movement in general. We are making poor, average teams look quite good more often than not. Wigan, Birmingham & Blackburn all had legit reasons why they could have come away with something and we're very much in the games at all times. The quality of our squad is fantastic now. We should be watching better football, dominating possession etc in most of our games especially at home. Promotion is what we all want and how ever it achieved no one would argue if achieved but a good indicator would be be better quality of football, more chances created , better passing & maintaining possession of the football. fans have got their heads in the sand if they don't believe we need to improve all these aspects of our game .
  12. Aaron Tshibola to Forest from Villa done (loan deal I think) Nixon is reporting.
  13. Happy either way. Rhodes would be a good signing provided we create chances for his. If we don't then Hooper & Winnall are good enough at this level ... provided we create chances for them. For me the key to the rest of the season is Carlos plays Abdi central as an attacking midfielder which should get a tune out of him and give us the much needed creativity we have lacked for most of this season .