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  1. Sounds more like a way round FFP to me. I'd say other businesses linked with Chansiri will be legally listed as box owners. Nothing wrong with that if indeed it's the case, the club has to look at every viable option available for increasing revenue streams that doesn't break Football League rules.
  2. Apart from the QPR game on August 12th we don't have a home game kicking off at 3pm on a Saturday until November 18th against Bristol City
  3. You can ask them but they don't have to abide by it. You can't officially insert any such clause in a loan deal, although clubs generally have a gentlemans agreement. In European competitions it's not allowed at all, hence why Patrick Roberts played for Celtic against Man City last season. As for Joao, I'd keep him on the books for a another year but perhaps look at a loan deal with someone unlikely to be a rival like Barnsley or QPR.
  4. 4 of us in the home end. We'll end up out numbering them.
  5. Four of us in the Mansfield end today.
  6. http://metro.co.uk/2013/07/02/bournemouth-fans-to-fork-out-up-to-60-for-tickets-to-see-real-madrid-friendly-3866168/ Tell a lie... it was only £55 for adult season ticket holders.
  7. Anyone who complains about Bournemouth getting Real Madrid and us getting Rangers ought to have a think about the prices Bournemouth charged. £60
  8. It's Lichaj at Forest.
  9. It was lost in translation. What Chansiri really said was we'll be playing a friendly in a marquee against Torquay.
  10. July 11th I believe.
  11. Prem Champions: Chelsea Championship Winners: Aston Villa Prem top scorer: (As it stands) Aguero Championship top scorer: (As it stands) Assombalonga Champions League Winner: Real Madrid Your cert for the season: Wednesday finish 3rd or lower Your outside bet for the season: Huddersfield to survive
  12. I'm originally from Gainsborough where's there's a good number of Wednesday, United and Leeds fans. To be fair Leeds are probably the best supported team in the town after the obvious armchair Liverpool and Man Utd supporters. My old man supports Wednesday and his dad used to catch the train to Sheffield with his friends back in the 60's to watch us play. Some of the blokes used to go and watch both Sheffield clubs, purely as it being a day out. My grandad didn't bother with United thankfully. I've been living in Hucknall for the last 5 years and have only seen 1 or 2 Wednesday shirts in that time, it's mostly Forest here although I'm sure they'll be plenty more Owls fan in the area, Mansfield is only 8 miles away and places such as Alfreton not much further.
  13. He's off to Celtic.
  14. Keogh is one of those players that as an opposition fan you can't stand, much like Forestieri I suppose. In your team he'd likely be a favourite with the supporters. 30 year old, international experience, club captain. At the right price I'd take him, I think he'd make a good partner for Tom Lees. We need a nasty buggèr with know how and every time I've watched Keogh play he gives that impression. At the right price he could be canny signing.
  15. He'd free up another place on the bench as we'd not need a sub keeper.