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  1. sold! no idea what to do now... over to you
  2. There's too many requests on here to chose which one to respond to so, first come first served (can't think of any fairer way!) i have 1 x ID with 20 TPP up for grabs if anyone wants it? not sure how pm'ing works so just reply to this ta
  3. Yep totally agree. We were never gonna win all the remaining games so take this one to set up an undefeated run into 2nd place ... Edit - meant first place Also losing 3 in goal difference in this game is better than three 1-0 losses huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh?
  4. forestieri's movement as soon as nuhiu controlled the ball pretty much sums him up as a player, he knew exactly what was happening... and where he needed to be . beautiful to watch