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  1. I like it, hasn't been done on here so it's unique and fresh Bit more scripting and you've nailed it- go for it !
  2. booking hutch so early on showed he was not being impartial, confirmed when he didn't penalise hudds players in the same way. Same with forestieri, even though he does go to ground and complain too easily, he def shouldve got more free kicks. problem here is reputation and ref not being impartial but agreed, this shouldnt have been a problem, you have to wonder what goes through carlos' mind sometimes
  3. White Sheet Ye Not ? Over on Wash Inpeg Lane
  4. See ? That's the promblemo, it's the lack of confidence that's gonna kill us 3.5-0 tomorow at least ya heathen
  5. Coupla beers earlier nice Malbec now 100% blue agave tequila on standby. Apparently it's really good for you no I don't have a problem feelin pretty groovy 'bout tomorrow funnily enuff
  6. Scrubby little piggy pibby prubber snortbeasts sort of sums it up
  7. Quietly confident and confidently quiet or something like that and not overestimating ourselves or underestimating the opposites , or other way round , or both i dunno anymore ... whys it all taking so feckin long??!!
  8. Amen bro the stars are aligned tea leaves say so my whiskey lined waters is feelin it the owls are soaring high
  9. And being taxed to death
  10. stream providers are being targeted more than actual users which means they'll have to go toe-to-toe which certain governments as said above, going after kodi would be like going after chromium because someone used it to look at something dodgy
  11. On me 1st tin of beer of the day, very relaxing. strange footballing weekend given we play tomorrow but I'm neither excited nor nervous about it. Don't care who we get, just happy we're there I like alcohol
  12. This this makes me happy
  13. me in spirit, as tubestick mccarthy's ghost
  14. is he still behind me, eh? bet he's already stolen me clap
  15. faith, hope and alcohol