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  1. Has to be Sausage Arms. He can hold up the Kop roof, meaning SAG cannot get upset about restricted views. Win win all around
  2. Police aren't bothered. Them and SAG will know about this and are fine with it. Otherwise Sky would not be able to show it. Expect a load of Durham constabulary to be present. They normally add to the numbers
  3. Let's hope CC doesn't leave him in the stiffs. Is he mates with Tim Flowers, Rigobert Song, Simon Church and Andrew Surman?
  4. At 9:30am and going down a route around Ecclesall Road. The time on the Sunday has been suggested and works for Sky too. Whether it happens may be a SAG issue as usual
  5. 24th. 12:30pm KO
  6. Aye aye. Winner winner chicken dinner lacatoni make new kits
  7. Club took contract option on Wildsmith. That means his contract auto-renews and is agreed by the player in the initial contract.
  8. Maybe we are going back to the days when we released information on signings at 2am? The early days of Carvahal's reign we did all our announcements after dark. Maybe Chansiri took the we are the Owls too far??
  9. Brentford away to start the season
  10. 5pm play off final again. 2 days earlier because of international tournament. Weird. Lets not need Play Offs this time
  11. Not been same since Joao Cunha left. Players don't seem as fit either:
  12. Hasn't McGugan been cast aside due to not playing where the manager wanted him to? If that is true then surely FF plays where the manager tells him to?
  13. We need more pre-season friendlies to get up to speed and integrate new players. Last 2 years we have only played 6 each year I think and then had slow starts. Get the start right and we will be well set for the entire campaign
  14. 5 players for me. Full backs and wingers on each side who can get up and down the pitch but can also cross the ball and take good set pieces (we're generally mediocre at this) and a centre half who would go alongside Lees. They also need to be a bit of a leader who organises and galvanises the team. We seem to be a quiet side. I'd only keep the 2 keepers and Sasso out of the players who are out of contract. Return the loan players, look for good offers on Palmer, Fox, McGugan, Joao and Matias.
  15. We really need good quality full backs and wingers. It'll allow us to be more dynamic, play with pace and variation. All of them should be able to deliver good crosses and free kicks Good wingers with pace can also help a full back out who is having a rough time with the opposition winger. We don't really have that yet