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  1. Blunketts open letter to the star thg jjf jkkhhi hhygg huh. Uhh tsaaewqk Eegyh ijtrf.
  2. The 50p team posters for the previous season was my favourite
  3. Terrible defender though
  4. Suppose it is the lowest form of wit. Pretty fitting.
  5. Cheers sarcastic fuckwit
  6. No moaning from me. Couldn't give a flying one if we're included or not. Just interested how they're gonna work out the number
  7. Curious as to how they'll work out the sale number for the 2 and 3 year tickets already bought
  8. Wasn't offside stop begging it
  9. Both full backs
  10. Derby are 2 points off. Won't take much of a run to make that up
  11. Irrelevant how they'd cope against Brighton because the way they're playing against everyone else they're gonna pip Newcastle to second
  12. Leeds playing direct attacking football. It's exactly how we should be playing with the players we've got
  13. Every ball in was quality. Definitely what we need.
  14. Was hourihane the one whipping in the quality balls on set pieces for Barnsley against us?
  15. Have to agree with the original post. It's time to lay Carlos off