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  1. Their experienced enough and intelligent enough players for me to get away with it particularly at home, against newcastle they destroyed there defence with their movement and link up and its not like rhodes or winnall solve the pace problem. Away from home Id agree its easy for slower players to get isolated and discouraged and having pace or power up top gets you up the pitch, thats where hopefully ff and maybe even joao can still have a role to play. The problem can hopefully be more easily resolved in other places though if we finally get our recruitment right. A pacy right winger and left back would compensate for our slower set of strikers although maybe in an ideal world we would have recruited a pacy striker instead of one of rhodes or winnall.
  2. For me its got to be hooper and fletcher. They looked good at times last season and are our most intelligent strikers, they have every chance of making a good partnership and have shown more signs of link play than the others and seem to genuinely enjoy playing together. Seems strange to me how few people seem keen on fletcher, hes been a better striker than rhodes in wednesday colours and at other teams throughout his career. For me rhodes is going to continue to struggle here if he is expected to play the fletcher role. At huddersfield and blackburn he wasnt a target man and played the little man role more, he needs freeing of the responsibility, when he drops deep to win flick ons or link play hes to slow to then get in the box where hes most effective. For this reason it might be that we need to sign a new striker or give joao another try as when fletcher is injured the other combinations dont work for me too many players all wanting to do the same thing. FF needs to be relegated to super sub role unfortunately as good a player as he negatively affects the team shape when he plays wide left or up front, hes a great sub to have and should stay that way.
  3. lee

    True, should have probably been on the bench for the second leg as he got through a lot of work in the first leg and would have allowed us to start with two wingers.
  4. lee

    I'm just going on what I've seen this season the lad is 20 has had one season in the champ in which he might get promoted and looked better than Lee in the two playoff games. Id certainly be happy to do Chelsea a swap.
  5. Tough one as the potential is there and a different option would be useful you only need to look to the other night at how quaner who's basically a poor man's joao changed the game. Id be tempted to off load nuhiu and let joao have next season as the nuhiu option off the bench, would be his last chance here though.
  6. lee

    I'll join the morons, as I think he's overrated. I think he been a great player for us and still is a very useful squad player but if we go into next season with him starting most games we won't be near automatic places. For me he would have struggled to make the bench at Middleborough, burnley , hull, Newcastle or Brighton and that's the level we are aiming for. Plenty of poor championship teams have easily acquired players that are comparative or arguably better I'm thinking brown at Rotherham/Huddersfield Irvine at Burton hourihane Barnsley/villa.
  7. It depends what our aim is if its automatic bigger decisions need to be taken around some popular players and the formation.I'd go something like this Westwood Hunt Lees New New New Bannan New Reach Hooper Fletcher For me Lee was really poor in both playoff games and would be one of the difficult decisions that need taking, he would get nowhere near the team at middlesborough ,newcastle ,Brighton, hull or Burnley. Forestieri needs to stay as an impact sub it doesn't really work with him in a two up front and he can only play wide left against poor teams at home. Reach is still a big doubt but he does a job out there and has scope to get better. Wallace is a fine squad player but hes getting older and we need genuine pace in the team somewhere and right wing is an easier place to do it than resigning our 5 mil man to the scrap heap, we should preserve at least next year. Hunt and lees improved last year and earned their place bannan was poor at times last season but is probably a little underated on here and was almost playing Huddersfield on his own in the second leg at times. Fletch and hooper could form a good partnership if they can both stay fit. The bench would hopefully look like this New Lee Hutch Winnall Rhodes Ff Wallace Loovens would still be good enough but not needed on the bench unless hutch was injured. We need a better number two and its time for the hound lads to get some proper game time elsewhere. Might be harsh on a few players who are obviously good enough for a play off challenge but to move to the next level we need better and would need better in the prem anyway so might as well start planning now.
  8. This is part of my frustrations how far does the logic apply that he doesn't feel upto taking one, does loovens take one before him? westwood? To not take a penalty is not entirely optional so if your reasonably good at taking them you might as well volunteer yourself up first and get it over and done with, surely the pressure on him would be even worse as he strides up to take the 10th penalty with both hudders fans and ours knowing hes tried to put himself to the back of the queue.
  9. True but thats probably the crux of the matter here , rightly or wrongly people expect the most expensive striker with a great history of scoring goals to step up and take responsibility. Confidence is fine but it often borders on bravado and there is skill and technique involved in scoring a penalty. Going back to the surgeon analogy I would prefer to be operated on by the surgeon in a crisis of confidence than the super confident cleaner.
  10. Its difficult to know for sure probably hutchinson at a guess.
  11. Even when his replacement was someone who's job it was to pass the surgeon his tools or someone skilled at cleaning up after the surgery?
  12. I cant disagree with the sentiments, your right about confidence being not like a tap you can turn on and off. But to me the problem would then pass to carlos if your star striker is struggling then give someone else a go maybe winnall should have been the sub if hes in a better frame of mind as penalties was always on the cards and rhodes is arguably the best pen taker so it should be clear to him before the game that he'll be put up for doing this its his job unfortunately if finishing the ball from 12 yards is something he was not in a frame of mind to be doing he shouldn't be on the pitch as he doesn't bring much else. Ultimately whatever the problems we all wish him the best and are glad hes at the club lets hope he turns it round here, its not guaranteed though and the game moves on fast and for me we have three better strikers than him.
  13. But surely in the modern game it should be factored in, the argument being you spend that level of money you also look into his personality traits, the assumption being the top clubs look for people they believe can handle the pressure of the club ie the likes mouriniho and ibrahimovic being good fits for a club the size of man u. It just seems like ever diminishing returns as to what we actually get for our money. Most who had followed his career understood his all round game was not great but he scored goals given chances, now it seems that he isn't good at taking chances under pressure.
  14. It seems a strange situation to me first of all carlos was wrong to hang him out if we have signed him on a permanent deal he needed to protect him unless carlos himself is on his way and was just being honest. On to rhodes himself its not a great look. Obviously it has nothing to do with why we lost but character speaks for everything in the game and its important when signing players. Stuff like this shapes careers the best players get up take a pen miss it come back and do it again, thinking of the stuart pearces of this world. Before the game I said it was good that rhodes and reach didnt start as they were just a bit too nice for these type of games for me these kind of players dont win much in the game. I remember the last game of the season against palace a few years back and that was a team of 'men' who wanted it against our mentally weak players. The same appies to brighton thi year they just look mentaly strong. Mentality is so much of the game you only need to look at a player like joao crying when he lost his tooth. you give him the mentality of a costa and he'd have every chance to become the best striker in the world. I don't want to disparage the guy he seems like a good guy and in the wider world thats great but on a footballing level they it wont win you much and we need to sign players who are strong mentally, a few months ago against leeds he was obviously considered the best pen taker at the club to now have such a mental crisis that he cant even take one in the biggest game of the season is not what you want from your centre forward regardless of what he cost.
  15. Tough decisions to be made mainly in midfield as lee and bannan allowed them to play so we may need hutch in, think the twitter rumours will be true and hutch in for reach. westwood hunt lees loovens pudil wallace lee hutch bannan ff fletch That team probably sees all our best players on the pitch but its a big call as we've probably performed better this season with a more traditional 442 with two strikers. We probably need the extra spark tonight though and hutch and ff affect games and cause the opposites problems with there slightly nasty streaks, reach and rhodes are both quality but seem a bit 'nice' and struggle to impose themselves on games at times.