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  1. That sums up our midfield problems pretty well all our midfielders are quality champ midfielders but all have weakness that make them unsuited to a 442. Bannan and lee are too lightweight so don't win 50/50 or headers against strong midfielders also both cant shoot from outside the area. Jones and abdi both have qualities but arent mobile enough, hutch can play in a 2 but often tends to sit way to deep which isolates the other. Im surprised given the personnel we haven't tried to address this with a formation change, if we are set on playing with two in the middle id have been happy to move on any of our midfielders and start again by bringing in two new starting centre mids and just to keep on topic for opening game in a 442 Id probably go westwood hunt lees loovens reach wallace lee hutch boyd hooper fletcher given probs in centre midfield though Id be tempted to give hutch and jones ago together in the midfield which would be very uncreative but very solid and might allow for fernando on the wing.
  2. Not his first one, his old hairline was obviously hair plugs anyway, not a big deal in this day and age if youve got the money why not.
  3. Hes spent about 10 years in the prem, played 50 times for his country and played plenty of games in the champions league. Hunt and palmer have both had decent careers in league one and champ. He wouldnt be my choice of signing but he would still improve our options at right back.
  4. Would be an odd signing a younger quicker player who could push and even replace hunt in the long term would make much more sense. But people are going over the top with the criticism hes a better player than palmer and easily on a par with hunt.
  5. Classy player but just doesnt work in a two in midfield for me would probably get away with him and hutch in some games.
  6. Could be he has more to offer there, hes similar to hunt in that his main asset is his engine and work rate, he doesnt have the end product to play week in week out at LM at top end of the champ. Think carlos dropping him for bannan against hudderfield was an indicator that he wants better at LM.
  7. Interesting so many see him as competition for wallace, Carlos loves wallace and reach is the player who we need to improve on. If he signs Id fully expect to see boyd left and wallace right if their both fit on the opening day.
  8. In terms of the first team it just a reflection of how carlos likes to play he only looks to sign technically gifted players who can keep possession and stereotype or not most black players who make it professionally tend to be great athletes. If their great athletes and technically gifted then their out of our league. Thats why we end up with players like bannan, lee rhodes etc technically gifted but not physically equipped to play in the prem. As for the fans as has been said its a heritage thing if you have no family ties to the club you tend to drift towards the glamour clubs and you see this alot with young lads whose parents have no historical ties to english clubs. It would be interesting to know if the club has ever done much to try and court these fans though from a business point of view you'd think it'd make sense.
  9. Not sure about 352 we play that at times in matches anyway. the chelsea 343 system would work better with the players we have westwood lees loovens pudil hunt hutch bannan reach wallace ff fletcher Ideally pudil and wallace would be improved upon but would work well for the rest of the players and plenty have similarities to their chelsea counterparts albeit at a lower standard. Hutch would be our kante. bannan our fabregas, ff our hazard etc.
  10. There'd be a temptation, two of the current bunch would do, we still really lack a good target man and someone with pace and mobility. The strikers we have also limit the formations available to us. While individually they are all good strikers none of them fit the mold of the modern striker and if we were promoted they'd all need binning off unfortunately.
  11. Ideally rhodes or winnall would be the ones to go they dont seem to have really hit it off here and are not an improvement on the strikers we already have. Winnall will probably have to be the one as you'd imagine we could make a profit on him and not rhodes. I'd still keep one of nuhiu or joao there is games where you need something different and winnall and rhodes from the bench are just like for like. They are both probably happier to sit on the bench which is good for squad harmony, whereas you'd imagine rhodes and winnall will eventually get restless if on the bench or out of the squad for long periods. Ff is better suited to an impact sub hes not a natural winger for me and upsets the balance when played up top. Id say we need this fletcher, hooper, ff, rhodes or winnall, joao or nuhiu. Hirst will be better for 6 months first team football somewhere then can review after that.
  12. Their experienced enough and intelligent enough players for me to get away with it particularly at home, against newcastle they destroyed there defence with their movement and link up and its not like rhodes or winnall solve the pace problem. Away from home Id agree its easy for slower players to get isolated and discouraged and having pace or power up top gets you up the pitch, thats where hopefully ff and maybe even joao can still have a role to play. The problem can hopefully be more easily resolved in other places though if we finally get our recruitment right. A pacy right winger and left back would compensate for our slower set of strikers although maybe in an ideal world we would have recruited a pacy striker instead of one of rhodes or winnall.
  13. For me its got to be hooper and fletcher. They looked good at times last season and are our most intelligent strikers, they have every chance of making a good partnership and have shown more signs of link play than the others and seem to genuinely enjoy playing together. Seems strange to me how few people seem keen on fletcher, hes been a better striker than rhodes in wednesday colours and at other teams throughout his career. For me rhodes is going to continue to struggle here if he is expected to play the fletcher role. At huddersfield and blackburn he wasnt a target man and played the little man role more, he needs freeing of the responsibility, when he drops deep to win flick ons or link play hes to slow to then get in the box where hes most effective. For this reason it might be that we need to sign a new striker or give joao another try as when fletcher is injured the other combinations dont work for me too many players all wanting to do the same thing. FF needs to be relegated to super sub role unfortunately as good a player as he negatively affects the team shape when he plays wide left or up front, hes a great sub to have and should stay that way.
  14. lee

    True, should have probably been on the bench for the second leg as he got through a lot of work in the first leg and would have allowed us to start with two wingers.
  15. lee

    I'm just going on what I've seen this season the lad is 20 has had one season in the champ in which he might get promoted and looked better than Lee in the two playoff games. Id certainly be happy to do Chelsea a swap.