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  1. All Rhodes lead to goal's. Feed him this season and he will get a hat full.
  2. Can't make it this Wednesday lads, I've got to do mi stocktaking.
  3. Not really a policeman tuck his own life i just don't found it very appropriate with whats happening ATM.
  4. Just not called for. Not funny. Should remove.
  5. Why Neg me for saying Dave plays like a donkey. What els do you call a striker who does not do his job, he's not paid to hold the ball up he's paid to score goals same as the other strikers, he's garbage never been a footballer.
  6. First team players. Seems like we have a lot of nearly players, really need to add just a bit better quality just don't see that team strong enough to take us up. Lets hope CC adds well in the close season.
  7. Was watching big dave do his impression of a Blackpool donkey yesterday and got to thinking is there any other of our first team players that play for their country full time ?.
  8. Not much of a pig fan is he ?. If that was me there be no wedding.
  9. Done. WAWAW
  10. Just a quick note on IPVanish i've been using it from the early days of TOR and last year in America to watch sky on my MacBook connected to a tv for the playoff semi's and have had no trouble what so ever. Never try'd any other because that's always been spot on.
  11. I think who ever we sign we need to build a team around Rhodes he's cost around 10 mil WE ALL wanted him and he's the man to take us up automatically.
  12. Wish fans would stop having a go at Rhodes its not his fault, he's scored a shed loads at this level. Blame Carlos and his negative play. Carlos out asap IMO.
  13. Higherstate don't just NEG me without giving your reason. Can i not choses what i want to do, do i have to be a sheep and buy a ST every year just because it's the done thing.
  14. Hes lost it, what was that at Huddersfield in the 1st leg. I don't think I've ever seen a game and side as negative as that one our team should be streets ahead of Huddersfield with the money we've spent and we go there and play like there 2/3 leagues above us. Carlos out!