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  1. I think who ever we sign we need to build a team around Rhodes he's cost around 10 mil WE ALL wanted him and he's the man to take us up automatically.
  2. Wish fans would stop having a go at Rhodes its not his fault, he's scored a shed loads at this level. Blame Carlos and his negative play. Carlos out asap IMO.
  3. Higherstate don't just NEG me without giving your reason. Can i not choses what i want to do, do i have to be a sheep and buy a ST every year just because it's the done thing.
  4. Hes lost it, what was that at Huddersfield in the 1st leg. I don't think I've ever seen a game and side as negative as that one our team should be streets ahead of Huddersfield with the money we've spent and we go there and play like there 2/3 leagues above us. Carlos out!
  5. IMO Carlos has to go this season it has been some of the worst and negative football I've watched. Had i season ticket for as long as i can remember but if he stay i'm not buying a new one and will just pick my game as last season i sat there bore to death apart from the odd games were Lee got the last minute winner its been garbage.
  6. Good shout, great manager if we could get him ?.
  7. Really that's what you are worried about empty seats.
  8. I just thought CC has done has much as he can, if we want to progress we need fresh input some one with a plan B and different style's of playing football. Looking at CC last night and on the TV today he looks drained and spent. I just can't see us under him getting any better. He's done a good job not great as he's had more money to spend then any other Wednesday Manager that i can remember and I've been watching them for 35 years. So its thank you very much for the memory's CC and good luck but we need change at the club now.
  9. Ticket gone.
  10. Ive got a spare ticket on south stand, its pre loaded on my season ticket next to me so whoever has it will have to meet me at 7.15 at the turnstile to get in. £20 first person to DM me.
  11. Get in !!!
  12. That was the year before. 3 days after my birthday 10 Oct 1970 Sheffield Wednesday v Luton Town L 1-5 League Division Two