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  1. Get in !!!
  2. That was the year before. 3 days after my birthday 10 Oct 1970 Sheffield Wednesday v Luton Town L 1-5 League Division Two
  3. Day after Wolverhampton Wanderers - Sheffield Wednesday 2:2
  4. Buzzing ST holder for south stand could not make it tonight my daughter had my 1st granddaughter yesterday already got x2 grandsons, so i had to visit her tonight and let me mate have my ticket. Got back just before game kicked off 5 mins, so had a quick look on sky bet thought Rhodes first goal was a good bet then saw 3-0 win 61-1 had a £10 on that, so thats next season ticket paid for. A fantastic night all around. UTO. GET IN!!!!!!!!!.
  5. After watching Wednesday for 30 odd years, i would 100% take a rubbish 1 nil win and 3 points over watching them playing like barca and get nothing. This site use to be a joy to come on and have a read but its getting worst with all the moaning, we just signed a 10mil striker and their are still people going on and on. Teams are hard to beat and we've no god given right just to roll up and spank all the teams 3/4 nil. Just sit and think what was happening at our club 4/5 years ago before you cry about us not playing like Brazil just be grateful. We we're hours from bankruptcy!.
  6. Rob Staton ‏@robstaton 20s21 seconds ago More Lot of confidence about the Jordan Rhodes hearing. Sounds like a good chance he will be joining #SWFC
  7. It's a no from me, not good enough.
  8. Was at that game Westbrom one it was metal, what sicks in my mind apart from the goals was a bloke in the next pen with a pig shirt on giving it the big one all game he soon disappeared after the 2nd goal
  9. GET IN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I haven't read all the post but are we not best waiting to see how he does before saying he's over priced could be worth double that in a year. If he's the player that helps us over the line into the promised land he'll be worth every penny. I'll wait to pass judgement!.
  11. Been saying same thing since about 1pm