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  1. Not saying its the right way to go about things at all - what we're doing is working so I think we go with it for the rest of the season. But people are mad if they think he's going to drop Bannan for any of the playoff games to get Hutchinson in. He'll play, and rightly so.
  2. Most of these pundits/journos really don't have a clue about the Championship. The problem is, once one soundbite starts flying around - "Fulham have the momentum", "Fulham are the team to beat" etc - then the rest of them just pick it up and run with it. They aren't interested in checking for themselves. Pack mentality and all that. I'm all for it though - despite finishing 6th Fulham are being talked up as certainties. It definitely helps us.
  3. This. If he did want to play Hutch, he'd more than likely drop Reach and move Bannan/Lee out wide. But with how well they're playing at the moment, I don't think he's going to change this starting 11.
  4. Think it was QPR - seem to remember Fitz Hall and a couple of others lost their heads and tried to chase him off the pitch after the rainbow flick. Still couldn't get near him.
  5. Whether there is truth in the rumours or not, we know that Hirst Snr said in an interview once that he regretted not leaving us for Man Utd. It's therefore not a huge leap of faith to imagine he'd advise Hirst Jnr to grab whatever opportunity comes up from the big guns. And, probably, rightly so. If Arsenal, or even Everton (with their record of giving youngsters a chance in the Premier League), are genuinely in for him, we'll do well to get through the summer with him still here. I guess the key is that we are now in a position to negotiate a strong deal.
  6. People have alluded to it already, but Hutch's job is to drop into a back 3 and allow the full-backs to get as high up the pitch as possible. Its not overly effective without Lee and with our full-backs though. Assuming Carlos is still here come August, we either need to go with a 3-man midfield (as suggested), or if we're going to stick with this system then invest in some seriously quality full-backs in the summer. That isn't a slight on Fox or Hunt (think they are pretty reasonable squad players) but if we're going to have our full backs be the wingers too, then we need the best there is at this level.
  7. His best position is centre back, unquestionably. For the team at the moment though, its centre mid.
  8. I think the possibility is on the agenda now, at the very least. Sadly. He seems to be fundamentally misreading how effective our style was last year. Often hear him say things like "we'd have lost that game last season" when we have eked out a 1-goal victory over some average side. Maybe we did chuck the odd game away last season, but how many did we grab by the scruff of the neck by playing with some intent. I'd argue our style last year was responsible for us turning more games in our favour than not. Sure teams are setting out different against us, but so what, we need to be good enough to counter that - and we should be with our squad. Big questions for him now, but this (whatever it is) can't continue. He needs to hope that he hasn't 'infected' (for want of a better word) the squad with the laborious style we've adopted.
  9. Not taking it well are they. I'm sure it'll be dressed up as "banter" - clearly hurting them, bless em.
  10. His record to date reminds me a lot of Hoopers until he left Scunthorpe. Everytime he's stepped up, he's continued to keep scoring goals. Can't ask any more than that.
  11. I just don't think he works hard enough, simple as that. That doesn't mean to say he's lazy, but its just not his game. A different sort of midfielder. The way our midfielders operate is that they all need to be very 'buzzy' (for want of a better word) when we are out of possession, or at the very least positionally sound in Carlos' 'defensive organisation' that he puts a lot of emphasis on. I can't think of one midfielder who does get game time for us that doesn't match those qualities. Even last season when we were flying on all cylinders, the key to how we played was what our midfielders did off the ball. Carlos will have seen enough of the players to know who can and cannot do that job.
  12. Indeed. Amazing how good our backup players get when they aren't playing. Bannan might not have hit the heights he did last season so far, but his energy and general play on an off-day is still very important to how we play. With Hooper, he's not in the headless chicken mould, but very much a clever link-up player who will take a shot. Very important for us. Carlos sees these people in training day-in-day-out, there is a reason these players keep getting picked.
  13. Barnsley won't go down, but bloody hell they were nothing special. Good crosses into the box from set pieces, massive centre backs (one of them was very elbow-y though, other refs won't keep letting that go), but a couple of players who looked like they were starting to believe their own hype a little. Looked like one of those teams trying to be "smart" though (the dodgy free kick routines, time wasting by walking all the way across the pitch with the ball before having a two second convo and walking off, the "lets all get together and clap the fans" routine before the start (!!!)) - was all very Karl Robinson-era MK Dons. Hard to take any post seriously that suggested Hutchinson's tackle was on the same scale as Hammill's recklessness - he knew precisely what he was doing.
  14. This is obviously the answer. No loans means we've taken on a larger squad than usual just in case of injury crisis. And like another poster said, you'd imagine his wage would be largely appearance-incentivised. But let's not let that get in the way of a conspiracy theory or two.
  15. If signing him meant one of their rivals couldn't get him either, then all the better for them too.