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  1. First finshing above Leeds, Barnsley and our neighbours Sheffield United is a must. I will say we need to win all 46 games to stand a chance of finishing in the top two.
  2. I found this link http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/paulfletcher/2009/06/secrets_of_the_fixture_compute.html I know the link is old 2009
  3. Our nickname, I read somewhere about our old nickname, the Blades.
  4. Hard to pick, where is the match where we beat West Ham, The match where Arsenal had 2 sent off (one was Adams) and the Liverpool 3-1 win (two own goals) at thome in the 90s. I picked the win over Sheffield United and hoping for the same scoreline home and away this season with a 1 on the end for Wednesday to make it a 31-1 win over United at home and the same away.
  5. handkerchiefs
  6. RIP
  7. Lincoln City for me, my brother in law he is from Lincoln area, lives in Hull and supports Chelsea.
  8. Nice one (dont bother with the playoff t-shirt)
  9. I am going for Burton to finish above Sheffield United
  10. 0.05 for a postcard, times have changed,
  11. And hopefully Sheffield United wont be near the top 6, as long as we finish above Leeds, Sheffield United and Barnsley, hopefully Wednesday top two finish, lets avoid the playoffs.
  12. Huddersfield
  13. Birmingham at home.
  14. Spent time with my girlfriend in bed