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  1. OMDT - BOLTON - V - WEDNESDAY - (League Cup)

    Both managers sent the stands
  2. OMDT - BOLTON - V - WEDNESDAY - (League Cup)

    FFS Come on Wednesday
  3. OMDT - BOLTON - V - WEDNESDAY - (League Cup)

    Come on Wednesday. Up the Owls.
  4. OMDT - BOLTON - V - WEDNESDAY - (League Cup)

    No silly injuries, no silly fouls, lets play for the win. Up the Owls, also I prefer us to get three points against Burton on Saturday.
  5. OMDT - BOLTON - V - WEDNESDAY - (League Cup)

    Come on Wednesday
  6. Team for Bolton

    Rest our players who wont play next Saturday, we got Burton next Saturday and we know what happend when we played them last season away and at home.
  7. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    Forest Green 4 Yeovil 3, Yeovil defence leaky
  8. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    Bolton 0 Derby 1 come on Wednesday
  9. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    Come on Wednesday
  10. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    ffs United winning sharp score 1-0
  11. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

    Good thread, come on Wednesday
  12. Come on Wednesday
  13. First Premiership MOTD

    Wow it takes me back, just looking at the table at the end of the season, and shirt sponsers

    Come on Forest beat Barnsley, wish I could see my form tutor from secondary school,