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  1. Are Fulham still in the championship or did the club just bought a relegation/promotion playoff between the team finishing 17th in the top flight
  2. As much as annoying as if you dont bounce your a Blade
  3. Looking forward to next season and will make it sweeter that United go down and we go up 2017/2018
  4. Just like another team, who spent six years in the pub league, forgotten the club name, oh yes Sheffield United
  5. With the money saved, some of you may be able to afford to get something called a season ticket for next year.
  6. One of my Uncles has already sent a fb message looking forward to taking a easy six points off Wednesday next season, was gloating. we could not be bothered to sent him a message back saying 6 years in the pub league, mind the gap etc
  7. Probably was scared to miss the last bus home.
  8. One of my Uncles already looking forward to next season, he looking forward to taking 6 points off Wednesday next season.
  9. Not at work, but some of my Dad side of the family have decided after 6 years of not wanting to talk about football, all United fans (my Dad supports Wednesday) have been gloating that we mess up just like them in the playoffs and how long has it took us to get out the Championship. Some of them think United will win the Championship with 46 wins
  10. one good United fan,
  11. Safe trip, come on Wednesday.
  12. Come on Wednesday, lets make some noise, and please if we win dont run onto the pitch we are not Sheffield United and this is only the semis not the final.
  13. Not bother, more pressure of them, Come on Wednesday we can win tonight Up the Owls. All we need to do is score more than Huddersfield
  14. Its only tears from Fulham fans who thought a place at Wembley and place back in the top flight was 100% certain.
  15. Pringles,