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  1. FF to Brighton

    Fighting on training ground? Strolling around the pitch looking half arsed? Refusing to play on the left?
  2. FF to Brighton

    But what do you do when said player is putting in 50% effort, and causing unrest within the team?
  3. George Hirst send him out on loan

    Sounds more like they are just trying to sort his contract first, not a "Sign it or don't go on loan"
  4. Injuries.. really?

    Good job we signed a CB in the summer eh...
  5. Aidan Mcgeady

    How many is it now who don't fit in? McGeady, McMannaman, Abdi, McGugan. There will doubt be a load more that I've forgot.
  6. FF and JR

    With a young pacy winger on loan (If possible).
  7. Harlee Dean

    On current form, he is. By far.
  8. George Hirst send him out on loan

    He'll be gone soon anyway. Can't see him signing a new deal with us.
  9. Morgan Fox

    He obviously has/had some potential. Reports are that Man Utd were interested in 2015. He will no doubt have been signed as a recommendation from a scout as potential for the future. It's a gamble that may or may not pay off.
  10. Not been to Hillsborough once on Sky Sports News... Must be a slow game?
  11. Fessi

    if we had a better left back, someone who could actually defend then we wouldn't need FF to track back as much. Pudil and FF one that left is just a disaster waiting to happen.
  12. johan djourou

    Without reading through all these pages... Is he close to signing or not? it is all still rumours? He's be a great signing in my opinion.
  13. Next season kit

    It's becoming a bit of a joke now isn't it.... Our kits seem to get later and later as the seasons go by. Would love us to reveal a new kit nice and early. Most clubs have theirs on sale already!
  14. Harry Maguire

    He's actually very good at defending. he wins almost everything in the air and is always in the right position. his pace lets him down, but if he played alongside a more pacey defender it would suit him to the ground.
  15. Midfield leader

    That Mooy ran the show tonight for them. Quality midfielder. We also lack pure pace, no outlet.