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  1. We smashed Norwich and it didn't exactly do much to our confidence.
  2. I don't think it would "Cramp his style", and he's probably love to do it, but he'd constantly be mobbed by fans which he may not be too keen on doing for 90min.
  3. FFP loophole i bet.
  4. Got a feeling we missed out, hope I'm wrong.
  5. Nixon now saying it should be sorted Alan Nixon ‏@reluctantnicko 28s28 seconds ago More Jordan Rhodes. Terms now being sorted. Scary moment. Sheff Wed should have their man.
  6. Why have those flip flops for cr7 wrote on them?
  7. Easy when you're up against Pudil. He's out of position constantly and he's getting past him too easily.
  8. Oh I know that. Known him since we was nippers.
  9. There's a difference between disliking the guy and wanting him to get beat up or even applauding the fact he did.
  10. I know him (The Blade that posted it). He got some grief from Wednesday fans and people who know it's not right to jump a bloke who's with his family. Quite a few Blades posting as though it's the best thing ever, though. Show how bitter they are about the 4-1 thumping to Walsall imo and took it out on Tango.
  11. They're playing Maguire at full back? The guy who runs like he's wearing boots filled with cement?
  12. Highly rated, was England U21 captain i think? But when I saw him play never really thought much of him. However, I admit I've not seen too much of him.
  13. He's turned into a machine. Unreal that he's managed to play so many games over the Christmas period. He's always had the ability and it's lucky for us that he's had injury problem, cos I have no doubt that he'd be in the Prem if not. Luckily I think we have his full commitment in return of giving him a chance.
  14. Barnsley will want to sell him to anyone that isn't us. They will be putting his name out far and wide, hoping to find someone who will match or even beat our offer for him (If we've made an offer, that is). We need to try and get this over the line before more clubs start taking notice.