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  1. 'Sit Anywhere' stands...

    3/10 on the fishing trip
  2. Fulham away

    Was going to ask the same question. Ordered last Monday and not had ours yet either
  3. Hirst v Rangers

    Keep seeing calls for this. My issues are 1) Right now Is he better then Rhodes, Hooper, Fletcher, Winnall, Forestieri (if he plays up top)? I'd have to say no. So surely we are better getting minutes for the players who will play in the first team? 2) Not denying he's done great at under 18/23 level. I've seen him twice last season (Cambridge & Reading away) personally don't think he's looked ready. What has changed in that respect? Id love for him to do well for us, but would we have the constant clamour for him to play if his surname was anything apart from Hirst? Personally I'd like to see him out on loan playing some proper football first. I'll probably get negged to death for this, but just my opinion.
  4. friendlies link

    Tomorrow at 7
  5. Away Travel

    I know what your saying. But I never understand this constant feeling that the club owe us something. I choose to buy my season ticket, I choose to pay my money to travel away. I don't go to the cinema expecting a free ticket for fast and the furious 6 because I've been to the other 5. It's a choice of pay your money or don't. Appreciate everybody views these these things differently, but I don't want or expect anything from the club for nowt as it's my choice to go.
  6. Away Travel

    We sell out a decent percentage of away games. Does the club really need to offer this? I'd say no.
  7. Portugal training

    Has anyone noticed Loovens in any of the footage/pics? No conspiracy theory, just wondered.
  8. TPP

    Oh right. Don't often buy home tickets for others. But a pretty ridiculous loophole. So probably good it's been closed tbh.
  9. TPP

    I don't believe you ever got additional points for buying extra home tickets as a S/T holder.
  10. Alfreton

    There was plenty of space last year mate. Was nowhere near full. Don't think you'll have a problem getting in.
  11. Moor

    Might be worth making it so people want to buy something from the current shop before opening another full of rubbish.
  12. Ipswich Away

    Didn't we turn the same thing down with Barnsley last year?
  13. The Marquee Friendly

    Surely if it were that weekend we might get a marquee side, but no marquee players? They'll all be away on international duty.