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  1. It's a real thing. You pay an admin fee in the summer then your card is debited as tickets go on sale. There is a limit to how many they sell though
  2. Sorry, I meant for the first phase, not when they sold out.
  3. Ipswich we got 1,990ish tickets and it was 770pts. So I'd expect a similar level
  4. I remember us getting excited about Hulls keeper missing the playoff final
  5. In answer to your original post, if we don't get points we require from the Fulham game we'll be on the golf course....so tiredness etc won't matter.
  6. I must be missing the funny part of these videos he does
  7. Found these I took
  8. We were second to back row gold upper last year and were fine mate
  9. Must be true if it's on some random twitter poll
  10. About 3k usually I think upper and lower
  11. Can't talk about that cup run without Matt Hamshaw getting a mention
  12. All about opinions, but on what basis do people have Leeds and Huddersfield missing out? They have been far more consistent then ourselves. Take away Leeds' terrible start and they've practically been in automatic promotion form.
  13. Love the idea of them recreating the playoff atmosphere. All I recall is them turning the speakers up to deafen everyone and waving some crappy flags
  14. Maybe we need to make a point at the last home game? Blue and white stripes day. Get the cards in the stands, everyone wearing them. Make a visual point.