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  1. Surely if it were that weekend we might get a marquee side, but no marquee players? They'll all be away on international duty.
  2. I think the easiest way to judge it is by asking if any of the signings really improved our team..... i'd I'd suggest the answer to that was a resounding no in the most part. (I'd say Fletcher and Reach brought something to the table at least)
  3. 1800 is the full away end
  4. You say that, but for a club like Huddersfield with a small budget probably running on a loss this could secure their future for many years. Just throwing £10 million away for a PR stunt seems a bit daft to me.
  5. Whilst I understand what your saying. The club really can't win here. Charge peanuts, to watch poorer players as we can't afford better anymore and people still won't turn up if the team is garbage. Huddersfield have a made a fantastic gesture, but there pricing was low last year as they need to do that to get people through the gates. We don't, so why bother? its like the constant away fans complaints. It's ok moaning it's £46 and selling it out in 2 hours. Vote with your feet if you feel strongly about it and don't pay your cash. If enough join you change will come.
  6. I don't get fans constant sense of entitlement and need of rewards. I buy my ticket because I enjoy going to watch the games. I pay the price for the season ticket as I consider it worth the money for the enjoyment I get. If people feel ripped off, don't pay it.
  7. I thought he was pretty poor on both occasions we played them this season.....but all about opinions isn't it.
  8. It's a real thing. You pay an admin fee in the summer then your card is debited as tickets go on sale. There is a limit to how many they sell though
  9. Sorry, I meant for the first phase, not when they sold out.
  10. Ipswich we got 1,990ish tickets and it was 770pts. So I'd expect a similar level
  11. I remember us getting excited about Hulls keeper missing the playoff final
  12. In answer to your original post, if we don't get points we require from the Fulham game we'll be on the golf course....so tiredness etc won't matter.
  13. I must be missing the funny part of these videos he does
  14. Found these I took
  15. We were second to back row gold upper last year and were fine mate