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  1. Winnall to Brum

    Maybe controversial, but one of Hooper/Fletcher/Rhodes/FF should go before Winnall. We need a varied attack, I think the first four are too similar and we can afford to lose one.
  2. Winnall to Brum

    I don't think Winnall should be so 'low down' our pecking order. He is different to FF, Hooper and Fletcher and we need him. His value hasn't been recognised.
  3. 32,600

    The restrictions on the KOP are new and just another sign that SAG are power hungry. There is nothing wrong with those seats, there's little wrong with the seats in the north and the block used for 'segregation' on the south is a joke. That is literally a block fans in the south walk past to leave the ground.
  4. I was alright at work up until Lunch. Now I can't stop thinking about tonight. Every fan has their part to play tonight. I can't f**king wait.
  5. Hillsbrough Must Rock on Wednesday.

    Looking forward to the atmosphere more than the game at the moment. The team needs every fan to give it everything. Hillsborough needs to be intimidating and we need to get behind the players no matter what happens on the field. Also, could do with some really tense pre-game music to get the blood pumping even more. Something like the below would be excellent.
  6. Who you cheering for tonight......

    Full time. Lovely stuff.
  7. Atmosphere Wednesday night

    Oh, I remember last season very well. As fans we need to make it intimidating as hell for them. Hillsborough will be something special.
  8. Atmosphere Wednesday night

    After that result we need to make Hillsborough bounce for 90 mins.
  9. 2nd best.......

    If that was them going for the advantage then we don't have much else to fear on Wednesday night.
  10. Had hoped that Hooper might have been on the bench.
  11. David Garrido‏Verified account @SkySportsDavid 21s21 seconds ago More #SWFC starting XI v Huddersfield: Westwood, Hunt, Lees, Loovens, Pudil, Wallace, Lee, Bannan, Reach, Forestieri, Fletcher. #WAWAW
  12. After last year's drama lets do the job. With his experience, Carlos won't underestimate them and our players should be ready to go the way. COME ON WEDNESDAY
  13. Atmosphere Wednesday night

    Hope we're in a good position going into it, otherwise it could become flat really quickly. Hopefully the club won't do ramp up the PA system to deafening levels.
  14. Half time entertainment

    Don't understand where all our youth/womens teams were and and why they weren't introduced?