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  1. Put the crack pipe down.
  2. No. Despite the utterly appalling and frustrating under achievement this season (which isn't over) I wouldn't want him to be sacked. If we don't go up (which is very very likely) i'd like to see if the club take a different approach to recruitment. Instead of spending millons we need to spend wisely and ship out the mistakes.
  3. 0-2. Out of the playoffs tomorrow and we won't get back in them.
  4. Heading for a season defining loss. Needed to win and couldn't.
  5. We seem to have offered very little in this second half so far. For such an important game this is utterly depressing.
  6. They've probably seen some hunger and fight in their players this season. We're rolling over and about to slide down the league. For the money we've spent this season we're underperforming and at least 3 places lower than what we should be.
  7. You do realise Fulham will play their game in hand tomorrow, win and we'll drop a place? We're at home against a playoff rival and have started poorly. I have very little confidence in our ability to compete in every single game we're so inconsistent. If we do make the playoffs we'll be battered playing like this.
  8. F*** this. Sliding out of the playoffs and we've known we've been dire for months.
  9. It'll improve the appearance without doubt. But as for the design of the banner itself - it's a little dull.
  10. We only have ourselves to blame for this. Out of the playoffs.
  11. We took a different approach to the game. It's reasonable to believe that it's from fan pressure as we've not put out a performance like that to date.
  12. In general play we did press more but individual passes on the whole were more attacking. Against Leeds it was incredibly frustrating to watch us continue to pass it back or play the safer option before losing the ball. Whilst we played safe at times today we did look to go forward more and when we did lose the ball we fought to get it back. All in all a much better performance and much better to watch. It was exactly what we should have been doing since the January/before.
  13. I thought FF did well in a position which he hasn't played in for a while. He added to our attacking options and showed hunger and desire to do well. Those slagging him off or thinking he was bobbar last night need to watch the game back.
  14. Give over. With the way we're playing at the moment we wouldn't stand a chance.
  15. This is ugly and pathetic. We're nowhere near the side we were last season. Our style of play is poorer, our work ethic is worse and we are terrible to watch. As a result, we're not getting anywhere near where we should be with the money we've spent. We lack fight and determination. How some members on here can defend purely inept performances like tonight and what has been going on pretty much all season is beyond me.