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  1. On after the break Are Fulham peaking just at the right time? The love-in continues.
  2. Was uploaded early in the month - I can't remember seeing it a thread with it on here.
  3. Can we not have this type of thread?
  4. We all know the importance of resting players from last season's semis.
  5. YESSSSSSSSS! Get in.
  6. Sounds like we need to boot it up field and try and relieve some of this pressure. HOOOOF
  7. Lads, save the women for pre-season match threads. Canny tell whats going on.
  8. Really hope Wolves hold out now too. Every fixture is going to be like this.
  9. Come on Nuhiu! Need him to hold the ball up field.
  10. Even when we're winning this is stressful.
  11. Few goals we didn't want. Need to demolish teams like Fulham seem to do.
  12. In the playoffs this spell we seem to have every game won't be good enough.
  13. One goal needed to equal Leeds' goal difference.