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  1. I don't think CC is doing a bad job or anything but with resources given him I would saying he is doing about par. Play offs this season without being that exciting. I am sort of person who get nostalgic about the early 90's team so its Big Ron by a country mile for me.
  2. Think its fair to say that up until now we have not see the best of Jordon Rhodes. Partly due to not playing to his strengths. We don't seem to create many chances in a game for him. Apart from Pen at Leeds I cant really remember him missing a good chance. I am confident he will come good and not writing him off yet but not justified the transfer fee and wages so far.
  3. As much as I love these type of stats I don't really think they have a bearing on the game. I bet most of out players are unaware of our recent poor results against Derby so should not affect them at all.
  4. Lee is a good player when fully fit but doubt we will see the best of him for the rest of the season. Suspect he needs a full pre season under his belt first but hope to be proved wrong.
  5. Because of the date I have seen plenty of nostalgia on social media today from Wednesdayites. Won a cup and got promotion that season and didn't need to change from our traditional kit.
  6. Predicting a Wednesday win due to law of averages as we are bound to beat Derby sooner or later.
  7. In the grand scheme of life Sheffield Wednesday not playing in traditional blue and white stripes is not that important. In the grand scheme of life Sheffield Wednesday are not that important. In the Sheffield Wednesday scheme of things I am really annoyed we are not going to be playing in the traditional blue and white stripes for the foreseeable future.
  8. I have missed about 5 games this season home and away and I want stripes!!!
  9. There is a general consensus already that the gap is too wide between those who sit in the stands and players. This would make is even wider. Can hardly say you represent Sunderland the city and you are a community club when you don't consider training in Sunderland good enough for you. I wonder if the club has used the phrase yet 'The Sunderland Football Family'
  10. Think clubs in the South East do have an advantage over other clubs as the majority of rich billionaire owners would much prefer clubs based there.
  11. Chansiri has invested into Sheffield Wednesday thick end of an estimated £100m. Its hard to argue that doesn't give him the right to change a few things. If Wednesday are ever realistically going to be a Premiership club again we had to find a rich sugar daddy who was on a bit of an ego trip to fund it all. Think there are worst owners out there then Chansiri, although I don't quite get some of the religious devotion some people have to him. I do find it all a bit soulless that football clubs in general (including Wednesday) are just mega rich blokes play things but it is what it is. But I wont apologise for groaning when I heard what next seasons kit was going to be and see Chansiris name about 1000 times everywhere on a home match day and especially when he or anyone else uses the phrase 'The Sheffield Wednesday Family' But most of all really dislike the prices.
  12. Think they was a match between Ireland and Holland in 1990 World Cup where both team knew a draw would take them through to the next round. With 20 mins left and scores level they was a few nods and winks between the two benches to let the match peter out to a draw. Would be surprised if something like that that happened if situation was the same.
  13. Hope if Wednesday and Fulham both need a point to get in play offs the game is not some sort of farce. I know many on here would not be bothered but would really dislike if from the kick off they is some pre arranged agreement it will be a draw. I doubt that would happen though as the Football League would probably warn both clubs first that that sort of thing would not be tolerated. In fact it would basically be match fixing.
  14. I used to get nervous but less so as I got older.
  15. I wouldn't stake my life on it but would be very surprised if we didn't make the play offs. 2 games at home and one away, already in the play off so not relaying on other teams.