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  1. Go to pub drink 10 pints

    Going to sound like a boring old fart now. But when I first went to the games one of the things I loved was the swearing and non PC chants and humour. Now a lot of those chants have gone and football games are a lot more sterile these days. It is only a song, do I find it funny? Yes I do to be honest. That's me!!!
  2. Miguel Llera to chesterfield

    I also saw him a couple of seasons ago being a coach at Sheffield FC in the Evo Stick league. I think he must be gaining coaching experience for his CV to forge a career in coaching. Good luck to him.
  3. Why are OT's most knowledgeable fans viewed as...

    This may happen but with the prices Sheffield Wednesday charge its a bit naïve to think people will be happy about it.
  4. Embryos in the womb to have agents.

    Footballers don't do average jobs though. George Hirst is 18 years old. Not sure at that age I could be a tough negotiator. On Sheffield Wednesday side of the table you will probably have people who have a good understanding of accountancy, tax, employment law. Don't think it is wrong to have someone representing George Hirst to advise him and get what he considers the best deal for him. Think the problem arises in some cases when agents work for both side, a conflict of interests.
  5. We have also never come as close to the Premiership as we have recently thanks to our chairmen having deeper pockets then the last one.
  6. Embryos in the womb to have agents.

    The money is obscene I don't disagree. But is it the agents and players fault for asking or the clubs fault to agreeing? Same with people blaming Sky for kick off changes when its just as much the clubs fault for agreeing to it in the first place.
  7. To me a lot of the pressure has to do with money. Cost of tickets have never been higher Players wages have never been higher Rewards of getting into to the Premier League has never been higher which the owners seem obsessed about getting into. Add into the this social media which we have not had in the past and the hype surrounding football then fans have never been so demanding.
  8. Get Carlos out of this club

    He wants to impress on the money men the need for more defensive cover otherwise it could end up costing him his job and reputation.
  9. Ransom request

    I think players very rarely put in official transfer requests any more because you are not entitled to a signing on fee if you do.
  10. Abdi

    Not sure how long his contract his for but think we are stuck with him until it runs out.
  11. All this Forestieri rubbish from Carlos

    He is a good player but you have to draw line somewhere and obviously CC thinks that line has been crossed.
  12. Feel more positive?

    I don't think you are going to dominate any team for a whole 90 mins in a league game. Maybe in a cup game against a lower league side.
  13. can the club do anything right?

    I think I have seen this answered on anther thread whereby this is not that much of a loophole under FFP. I think the sponsorship paid has to be within its market value. So say market value to sponsor Wednesday this way by taxi firm is £100,000 per year this is fine but against the rules to sponsor the club by £10m. Just noticed like another poster said that Chansiri is included in the club legends on the season ticket card. Did make me groan a little.
  14. "Because we can't spend money"

    We will have to see what this new lad from Portugal is like but its slightly frustrating we didn't sign him in pre season to give him a few warm up games to bed in. Always difficult to come to a new country as a defender and hit the ground running.
  15. Your free season ticket is in the Kop?

    Yes I think this is what it means looking at the question above. Be a bit strange though for someone to want a plaque on a seat they will never see.