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  1. We would probably have to give him a golden handshake of about 6 months contract to cancel his contract. That's roughly probably about £350k for not playing!! Worlds gone mad!
  2. Think there is too much money in football for it to take a break for too long. Season hasn't really ended with England game this weekend and next week, The 2nd weekend in July pre season games start. Transfers will still be the main sports story in the papers until then, Traditional summer sports of Tennis and Cricket rarely get a look in these days. But have to admit I am not missing football as much as I used to in the summer.
  3. The train station must only be 10 mins walk from the ground.
  4. The sad thing is very few clubs who get this money use it for anything other then inflated players wages.
  5. I would like Wednesday to get to the Premier league to test themselves against the biggest clubs and the best players. Big crowds and lots of interest. Reading these sort of figures does not make me excited to get into the Premier League, make me think the game is going in the wrong direction and has lost its way and even further away from those who sit in the stands to watch.
  6. I wouldn't call it a fantastic season but if I feel I have been entertained and seen some cracking games then I wouldn't call it a bad season either. Season just gone I felt bored a few too many times I felt for the money I was paying.
  7. With the ticket prices Wednesday charge is hardly surprising some fans are a bit demanding. The aim next season should be the top 2 but for me another place in the play offs and if we miss out again its not been a bad season if overall I feel we have played entertaining football.
  8. How would they know? I have never been asked to prove its my name on my season ticket just scan it and let you in.
  9. Just as I was getting over going out of the play offs someone had to mention the new non striped kit! I agree with others that there are more important things to worry about in the world but I still hate the bloody thing!
  10. I agree that if you feel the prices are too high then the bottom line is don't pay it. But does annoy me when the club come out with all the 'Sheffield Wednesday Family' crap. Seems you can only be part of the 'Sheffield Wednesday Family' if you have deep pockets.
  11. Yes I agree. I made us favourites before the play offs started. Thought we had the extra bit of quality especially up front that normally decides big games.
  12. Yes I agree the play offs were a let down with how we approached the game. Do you think it was a mistake playing the reserves v Fulham? I would have still played the first team in that game minus anyone who wasn't 100% fit.
  13. Yes agree with this. Don't agree with some of his opinions but really admire where he has come from to where he got to. Made himself look a bit of a fool over a women that time but which one of us has never done that.
  14. Will hopefully moved on in the summer. Never met him but comes across as a decent bloke. But Football must be only profession in the world where people think you are justified getting paid £5k per week if you are not good enough just because you are a good bloke.
  15. I would try to copy what people like Brian Clough and Big Ron did before really big games and do something bit out of the ordinary like having a big party or the Stan Boardman thing (Although I don't think Stan Boardman was that funny then never mind now) Those two were brilliant man managers though and maybe they methods a bit out of date.