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  1. My money is on Ajax. Big iconic name but wont charge as much as some of the others.
  2. Would make my day to see us back in the traditional stripes. I know this subject has been done to death but present home kit doesn't say 'Sheffield Wednesday' to me.
  3. Any chance of traditional blue and white stripes for the home kit?
  4. I have just seen that Huddersfield Town season tickets next season are £199 for all stands. This has not stopped Huddersfield being in the play off places and playing entertaining football.
  5. Surely its a 7 (or more) horse race for THREE spots???????
  6. That phrase makes my toes curl. We are not fractured at all. Fans have always disagreed about stuff at every club from the beginning of time. As long as it doesn't turn personal I don't see why anyone should have a problem with it.
  7. Why are 90% of our games so dull then? I am not hurting at all just a little frustrated that I am paying through the nose to be bored most weekends. I don't rant and rave just sigh as I slump back in my seat to watch another sidewards and backwards pass.
  8. I like the 'new' badge, still says Sheffield Wednesday to me. But don't get me started on the home shirt.
  9. Yes until end of the season 41
  10. I would be disappointed Winnall not getting some stick going back to his old club one of the things I like about football. Similar to what its like when Warnock comes with Cardiff, always like a pantomime villain to add a bit of spice to the afternoon. Obviously hope he scores but really hope he doesn't do that 'I am not celebrating this goal as I have too much respect for my old clubs and the fans'. Always found that a bit toe curling.
  11. Kieron Lee would be an asset to have back in the team but hope we are not expecting too much of him after a few months with playing a match.
  12. Think miracle is a bit strong. Just looked and we are 4/1 for promotion with some bookmakers which is a bit stingy would say about 9/1 myself.
  13. I think some would. Think a lot of people including myself find our style of play a bit dull a bit too often for our £30+ tickets. I wouldn't sack him now, enough credit in the bank for him to see out this season but need to improve for last 8 games (hopefully 11) for me to want him to stop next season.
  14. Have to admit I questioned his appointment, I don't think I was alone in that. I wouldn't say getting rid of him an end of season makes him the wrong choice to begin with though. 2 seasons in modern football is a fair amount of time.
  15. Think it would be beginning of the end for international football. Most players especially those who play for smaller nations would chose there club side because that is who pays their wages.