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  1. I am 100% anti violence, football or otherwise... But honestly - trying to track the guy down so the club or authorities can punish him retrospectively? It sounds like his actions were completely out of frustration, rightly or, quite obviously wrongly, but not malice. I'm by no means from the school of 'well if you don't like it then don't take your kids' nonsense. But honestly, this seems totally unnecessary to me. Shoot me.
  2. Good one. I've been a member since 2006, so not that new. You reckon what I posted is wrong? Loads of our fans are complete planks. Far more than most clubs, no question.
  3. Our fans are, by and large, total w*nkers. This site is just an extension of that. All fans have an element of deluded kn*bheads, but we genuinely have more than most, no question.
  4. Here's an idea so you don't all look so monumentally f*cking stupid next time....... WAIT TILL THE GAME'S OVER BEFORE MAKING THESE SORTS OF THREADS! Cretins.
  5. Totally different situation to both Cantona and Di Canio.
  6. B. F*ck him. Cash in.
  7. F*ck him. I'm not one for sentimentality in football - Forestieri essentially owes us nothing, and has no ties to the club. And if he wants to earn more money, no problem. But refusing to play is disgusting. Sell him for everything we can get, and f*ck the little w*nker off. And give him NO sympathy for any abuse he is getting now, or when he's left us. He's a c*nt.
  8. Nah it does my nut in. We are so good at getting behind our team on matchdays, but we make ourselves look like SUCH arrogant, aloof arseh*les online.
  9. A f*cking thread with pathetic smileys about what Brighton fans are saying about us on THEIR forum... WHO GIVES A SH*T? Likewise the thread about how pathetic it is that the pigs are so happy about our loss yesterday. It isn'tpathetic really, cos we'd be doing, and have done many times before, EXACTLY the same. Likewise all the threads about how great our support is and how pathetic Hulls is in the build up to yesterdays game. Who f&cking cares? And then everyone gets their knickers in a twist when fans on other forums say they're desperate to beat us because we're basically arrogant w*nkers. Our support yesterday was good, but the way we carry on like we're the absolute dogs b*llocks is f*cking cringeworthy. And again, everyone then wonders why all these other fans see as such aloof lobbers. Be as arrogant as you like, but don't complain when other fans take such delight in seeing us fail as a result of it.